Add craftable custom plant pots, hand pressed plants and maybe achievements

I thought it might be a cool idea to be able to make plant pots that you can put any plant in and they won’t die, but you can’t harvest or use them.
Maybe make them not die or wilt by hand pressing them between 2 papers?

I think It’d also be cool if some kind of journal would be added where you can add in hand pressed plants and other collectibles that you get from doing a specific job or doing a job that’s in a specific department. They are a bit rare, but they give a modest amount of beecoins (maybe 15-30) and incentivizes players to try out different jobs, mining too if they drop from ores.
You’ll get your journal from the library or curator so that place will have a use.
It could, however, shift the focus from actually playing the game because you’re interested to playing it because you’re a completionist.
I might put this idea in a separate suggestion if this doesn’t get a lot of views since not everyone might be interested in plant pots.

Your thoughts for these two (3?) suggestions?


The plant pot thingy sounds dope, but i doubt it will be used for good. It would be nice in general if we would have more decorative options, but plants is a weird place to start id say.
The journal however… It sounds like a very foreign and new concept, but goddamn have you dug up something big there. If anybody is ready to work this into fruition i think it will be a great thing, maybe like the crew objective but better and fun. Maybe make those things like meta items so you can brag about it. I dunno the journals are definetly big.


Basically more achievements in a recordable book in the IC/OOC tab. Interesting idea.
A la minecraft style achievement window.


Maybe, but I was kind of thinking of an old encyclopedia looking thing. I got an incomplete set of old German books from the (18)90’s that I bought in a market for like 3 euro’s and they’re beautifully decorated with marble paper, drawings and even drawings made of actual paint protected by waxed or oiled paper.
Of course illustrations and stuff would be too much to ask, but I meant have the color of the paper a bit yellow colored with some texture on the sides like the marble paper in Pierrer’s universal-lexicon

This is just an idea and I have no idea how to sprite so I don’t know how difficult this would be, but I do agree that a Minecraft style achievement list would be good too, but I just find that this would make it stand out more, and with something that’s hidden either in an OOC tab or an area (library) that no one comes to, it could use conspicuousness and regality so people notice it.


I think it will add a use for starthistles. They’re somewhat pretty and you can produce a lot of them. Plants always add a nice something to a room, especially if you diversify them with a galaxythistle here and a corpse flower there.

Make them easily mass producible and add a mood boost to anyone in the room if there are enough of them, even more if there are more than one type.


can you show some of the paintings?


Of course, it’s been a few years so it’s buried in my phone, but I’ll find it.

I hope you don’t mind me posting it to Imgur, the file size was too big for Beestation. It’s prettier in real life since it’s a bit bulbous and glistening because of the paint.


Bruh, those images are very nice. Quite the books.

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Thank you, I got 7 of em for 3 euro’s, and I don’t mean per piece. It was originally 5 euros, but I haggled down to 3 :p. He was like “3?!” And I said: “Well it is a market after all, you’re SUPPOSED to haggle” and we had a good laugh together so it’s in good spirit.