Add assimilation to rotation

For those of you who don’t know what assimilation means, it’s the mode with hive minds. Basically, severall hive minds get thrown onto the station, disguised as normal crewmen, and have to escape with the most assimilated crewmen.

It seems like a nice antagonist to have in rotation (The last time I tried it, there was plenty of back stabbing, manipulation, and a heck of a lot of tracking). Could be fun, since it’s a little bit like a mix of revs and stealth wizard. I think it would fit well in bee station LRP, (Probably not MRP though, because lower pop would either lead to easy mass mind shielding, or everyone being assimilated and one minded in like 5 minutes).

One thing if it does get added though, I think implant breaking should give a bit more of a warning tell to the victim. Considering the fact that I ran through like four implants, with no idea who was breaking them, it got obnoxious. Also, that one heart attack ability is omega annoying, but no comment on that one.

Thoughts on adding this? I only have experience with this one in two rounds, so I don’t know the major issues with this one, but both rounds were pretty fun.

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No. Its revs with powers. Revs is shit as is. No.

It’s more complicated than that bro. Sure, if you beat every other hive mind, you got your rev squad, but you need to be a fair number of vessels ahead of the other hiveminds (I think it was like 10) to activate one mind, and like 5 other hiveminds spawn in doing the exact same thing. Not to mention, you have security, who can track you down with mindshield implants.

It’s a mess of a gamemode.

  • The vessels don’t know they are vessels unless they are ordered to do something or become awaken vessels when One Mind happens
  • Literally people could just go and get mindshielded and they’d stop being vessels
  • Hard to categorize unawoken vessels as antags or not. They are possible antags, but they can’t kill or do shit like that.
  • Many hiveminds = A BIG FAT FUCKING MESS, while One hivemind = Literally steamrolls and forces shuttle call at 20 mins
  • I don’t see an issue with that, since you don’t know you’re a vessel until something happens.
  • That would require you knowing, and it’s not like anything visible happens to you.
  • Ok, I can see some issues there, since bee players tend to have a “shoot first, ask questions never” mindset.
  • Fair point, since I’ve seen both situations.

I kind of just wanted to see more hiveminds, maybe with some of their powers nerfed, but if you guys say no, that’s cool. Just seems fun to me, if a bit more chaotic than usual.

Could hivemind be refined to be unique and playable? Yes.
Is hivemind currently in a playable state?
Absolutely not.
Would I say its worth a trial if you code or code bounty it?

Oh it’s the ridiculous damage guy again!

it is I, the fabled winner of the first hall of shame thread . buff melee damage