Add a "Permabrigged Prisoner" to the gimmick roles

Everyone’s talking about making some sort of a permabrigged prisoner role for people who got permabannned, but I keep seeing comments about how it sounds like a fun role they’d choose unironically if they could. Sounds like a decent role to me, add a janitor’s closet to perma, and make the perma-ed prisoner valid for leaving (like a talking mime) and you’re good. It’d be extra fun to roll antag as prisoner too. The syndicate is busting you out, or maybe Sec perma-ed a ling because they’re incompetent? Just sounds like fun to me. Obviously you’d have to exclude antag roles like Blood Brother or Monke but it seems like a good, fun idea.



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I think gimmick roles need an overhaul, but that’s for another thread. Not a terrible gimmick idea, but it should be excluded from some antag roles. Bottom line though, there’d have to be an alternative method of escape, because as it stands venting perma and going via space is the only option. Having perma vented every shift would be hugely irritating.


Some other servers already have such role, it’s kinda nice for people who want to learn the very basic mechanics of the game undistrupted.
But we need a bigger perma cell for this.

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Security overhaul (muh 20 characters)

I’m pretty sure it is a role on other servers and I don’t think giving it to permabanned players is a good idea but just having it as a regular job option might be fun


like TG, they have really nice prisons, but people would have to take care of them, so it wont be boring

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A bit of a sec map overhaul and then adding this would be a good idea I think

You could crit an officer roundstart and then beg for perma. Works 2/3 times.

I mean yeah I guess it works but you are gonna get a whole lot of self antag bans


Nice idea, but i say it should be not in the gimmick role, make its own “job” preference.