Add a new rule

it makes it illegal to wear plasmeme envirosuit without being a plasmeme, at the penalty of an unappealable permaban, i am tired of people stealing plasmeme clout without having to go through the hardships of plasmemehood

yes this is entirely unironic


Unironically in favor of this
whenever I see non-plasmamen wearing plasmamen envirosuits I seethe so hard

Seethe harder, because i like how it looks

Then play plasmeme cringelord

Mmmmmmmmm yeah id just much rather vend it for free, bye bye skksksskskskksk

Have the inevitably bored seccie brig them for stealing, that shit is vended for a reason (also, helmet is flashproof, so they can break kneecaps for that).

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boo hoo seethe more humans are universal

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the plasma enviro suits are cute tho

there’s no need to be rash

Always annoying when you throw a plasma into cloner or build a shower stasis unit and a human pops out

Fuckin hate doing medical and some asshole wearing a plasma suit shows up and they don’t catch on fire and die when I try and clone them.

just make non-plasmemes unable to equip it

just play on golden, there’s no rules! well, there’s rules but not really

there are rules stop saying this

anyone saying there aren’t rules is a bonafide CLOWN

I said there were rules

make equipping inject plasmeme mutation toxin


no u didn’t. not really

Unironically this, like actually this in the very real game

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