Acronad Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Acronad

Your Discord: Acronad

How long have you been playing ss13?: 235 hours

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I believe WilsonPH would vouch for me, possibly more but no-one else comes to mind.

Game Experience (More Detailed): Lots of medical experience now, not perfect but up there. I have good knowledge of Security (though I haven’t been sec in a while), bartending, some basic botany knowledge, and knowledge of solars, though that is very simple. I also am fairly well versed in crafting and what how to go about most crafting that is not done from the menu. I have recently started dipping my toes into command as well (CMO) though I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable at this time calling that experience. I feel that I am fairly well versed in antag acceptable behaviors as well although I am not perfect of course and have been hit by the bwoink hammer (most recently for me not thinking about a brainwashing’s wording). Figured after having helped a few new players learn their way around and helping some other players learn virology or small details in medical, that it was time to make an application and see where it goes.


woudl you be able to post your hours in here too?

There we go I think

Unless you need the breakdown, in which case give me like… 15 minutes and i can!

that what you needed?

(17 minutes… I have failed…)

yeah i meant thats. i will think of some questions to ask you

much more readable version because dumb reasons

I will going to sleep shortly, but I look forward to them when I awake!

most mentors should have a decent understanding of most game mechanics and jobs

I have a few questions I’ll happily toss into the ring, seeing as you’ve got quite a bit of time sunk into medical, alongside a few oddball questions. Assume these are mhelps you got in game, and respond to the best of your ability!

  1. I can’t find self-respiration in maintenance and cargo doesn’t want to order any crates for me.
  2. My patient is taking brain damage for some reason but my scanner says they’re fine.
  3. How do I perform surgery on a plasmaman without killing them?
  4. What are some lethal drinks I can make as bartender?
  5. Is there any reason to make a teleprod instead of a stunprod?
  1. First make sure you have checked people for dormant viruses, you never know what someone may be keeping stashed away inside them! If that still hasn’t worked, or you don’t want to run all over the station yet again tracking people down, then it’s time to learn about virology’s special chem recipes to make your own! Self-resp is level 8 so it just needs some uranium+plasma+gold! Add 1u of this recipe to a culture bottle and it will add a random level 8 virus, from here just keep trying until you find it! There is a recipe for chems all the way to level 8 that you can make in no time! anything past level 8 though you will just have to keep hounding cargo, or if available, ask your CMO to put in the request for a virus sample crate!

  2. First make sure you switched the scanner to check for chems, after that double check that there isn’t a sneaky virus affecting them, it only takes a moment to grab the virus extrapolator from virology and check, or ask your virologist themselves if they are available! If that still has failed make sure there aren’t any external factors around the station such as bad plants or harmful environments causing the brain damage!

  3. Make sure when performing surgery on plasma men to do so under a shower or double check and make sure they are buckled to a powered stasis bed, otherwise they will burst into flames! also make sure to insert a heart before defibbing them if they are dead!

  4. As a bartender looking to make lethal drinks your options are actually extremely vast! Remember that as long as the drink is greater than half of the primary drink, that’s what it will be named! For example a drink that is 30u of screwdriver and then 20u of cyanide will still look and be named screwdriver! If you don’t want to go that route you can always make some fourth wall or neurotoxin and that will certainly cause some harm. Don’t discount the power of straight alcohol though! A glass of bacchus’s blessing is more than enough to kill someone and people are all to happy to chug the strongest drink they can find, or offer a glass or to of some Uncle Git’s Special Reserve. just make sure you are killing people with good reason as an antagonist! And if you aren’t an antagonist, make extra EXTRA sure that the customer understands what they are about to drink before ever offering it!

  5. This question got me a little as I actually have not seen a teleprod before. However, the only reason I could see for a teleprod being used over a stunprod would be for an antagonist trying to escape from someone! the teleporting seems too dangerous for security to use it as not only will it make your suspect warp away, it might send them into space and cause some serious problems! However, as and antagonist this could be a great tool to keep security off your back in a pinch! for normal crewmembers however remember that you shouldn’t have something like this without very good reason, such as the captain asking everyone to arm up!

  1. Excellent! I was mainly looking at the use of stable uranium gel, but dormant viruses are a great source as the extrapolator can scan from a distance for quick checking.

  2. Asking them to chem for chems or viruses are both good, as there’s a lot of stuff in either list that can cause damage. Having them follow up with the patient to know what they did is also good, not only to find the source but to promote a bit more interaction between players!

  3. Shower and stasis bed are both good options, well done.

  4. Good answer, the fact it only shows the majority of reagents for the drink is good to know, and can be really helpful. In generally though, you’re not meant to handle rulings on if something is or is not allowed to be done, but just if it can be done. Tell them how to do it, but not if they can do it or not.

  5. A teleprod is actually pretty similar to a stunprod, and you make it just by wacking a telecrystal onto the end of a stunprod. It doesn’t actually teleport players on hit, but it makes the stunprod into a normal-sized tool so it’s able to fit into a backpack! You don’t always have to answer an mhelp if you’re not sure, and you’re always able to cross-reference with any other mentors by using mentor chat in game!

All in all, solid answers and very much knows their stuff with medbay it seems, happily handing over my +1!

You learn something new every day!

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Some non-medical-y ones here,

  1. How the FUCK do I move
  2. Help
  3. How do I make a roomba?
  1. First check the chat bar in the bottom right, if it is red try pressing tab, once it turns white you will be in shortcut mode and can use WASD to move, if you are still on the shuttle you may need to unbuckle yourself first! Press B if you are in shortcut mode or click the icon that says “buckled”

  2. I’m sorry, but could you be more specific about what you need help with? I’ll do my best to help you get it figured out!

  3. Admittedly I am unsure of how to make robots, roombas included, but bear with me and i can go track down an answer for you!

(Ill go track down the answer for number 3 now, bear with me!)

  1. Followup! First print a larry frame at the science protolathe, second add a proximity sensor into it, next use a pen if you wish to name your new larry bot! Finally add a borg arm and your new roomba is ready to go!
  1. Also keep in mind that they can still move ith arrows in non-hotkey mode! Also also clicking the Resist button in the bottom right would work too.

  2. Usually I’d recommend saying “Mentors can’t see what you are doing” or something like that so they understand to be very descriptive.

  3. I believe you can also craft them in the crafting menu, but, eh (Not the frames, bot itself)

Overall, +1! I’d recommend maybe getting some more hours outside of medical


Muahaha, time to use mentor applications for questions I’ve had but haven’t got the opportunity to look it up/test! Nah but really, some of these are complicated, don’t worry if you don’t get them all right, I wouldn’t :v

  1. Is there a way for plasmamen to get nanites?
  2. I saw like 4 buildings while exploring Lavaland once but have no idea what’s up with them, where can I find more info about them?
  3. Can I extract reagents from a blood bag into a beaker?
  4. Can I use the gloves of the northstar as a hulk?

Hidden fifth question: What’s your favourite music/musician that not alot of people know about?

  1. I am unsure on this one, I would need to check with others more knowledgeable in the matter. (but a virus with inorganic biology+nanite symbioses sounds like it would provide the necessary supplements at least for nanites)

  2. I am admittedly unfamiliar with lavaland and where to find out more about the structures found therein, however many players enjoy the shaft miner role! If you have the time you could ask about them in the questions page on the discord! You could also try asking some shaft miner’s in game about lavaland and maybe even ask them to show you around. ( I would try to find for on this and get back to them as well, which would be mentioned in the message)

  3. No you unfortunately can not drain it straight from the bloodbag into a beaker.

  4. No I do not believe that you can use gloves of the northstar as a hulk! (Again, one I am not fully sure on and would inform them that I will track down an answer and get back with them)

  5. well I have 3 that I am currently hooked on, 1) Set it off, 2) egypt central (not sure if these two are considered not well known) but the third 3) is an artist called MandoPony on youtube, but is all Andrew Stein if you look for him

Well you got me, several of these questions I did not have answers for, but as always, there is always more left to learn!

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here’s some mhelps:

  1. if I start the emitters will the supermatter blow up?

  2. how do I get rainbow flowers?

  3. can I get another bottle of nothing?

  4. why won’t the cargo shuttle move?

  5. is this server MRP?

have to admit, you got me on several here, I unfortunately lack the knowledge to answer them myself but here are my answers

  1. I am afraid I am unfamiliar with Emitters and the supermatter crystal, if you bear with me I can try to get an answer for you but it may take some time.

  2. could you be more specific? In the case of Botany there are two rainbow colored plants, ambrosia gaia, which can be made by mutating ambrosia twice (mutate once into deus, then mutate that into gaia) and Rainbow weed, which is a possible mutation of cannabis

  3. You will have to go ask Cargo to order you a standard costume crate and you will find one in there!

  4. I am afraid I do not have much information in this department, if you bear with me I will do my best to find you an answer and get back with you, but while I do that the first thing that comes to mind, are any shutters closed that may be preventing the shuttle from leaving?

  5. Beestation does not label itself as LRP, MRP, or HRP, rather we label as a beginner friendly Roleplay server. You are expected to roleplay a character hired by NanoTransen and conduct yourself as such!

That’s right, afaik virology is the only way to get nanites on a plasmaman!

This is one of those where I personally don’t know. Mining is hard to get to know about if you don’t play it alot. The wiki has like one line which roughly translates to “lmao you’ll probably die good luck”. I’ve seen people on the discord purposely not share info on mining things because “you’ll just have to find out”. Miners in game are not known to be alive/free to talk often either but trying never hurt.

While it is true that you can’t drain it straight from the bag, you might wanna offer alternatives if someone’s mhelping about it! If it’s your blood type, you can just use an IV drip to put it in yourself and pull it back out with a syringe. Or use a human monkey. Something like that you know?

It’s as shrimple as that sometimes :shrimp:

Cool music taste! I used to listen to this type of music a bit more when I was younger, but egypt central has some BANGER solos.

Remember that most times there’s other mentors that can cover for your gaps in knowledge and hopefully vive cersa will be true in no time. Oh and don’t take TOO long with an mhelp, since you can only reply by clicking their name (unless the new mentor ticket system that’s on testmerge gets offically put in hehe)

I’ll +1 since imo the more the merrier and if you put the effort into making a mentor app and answering all of these questions you’re already above most, heh.