Acronad(?) Admin Report during #44441

CKEY: Shiraizawa

Your Discord: shiraizawa

Offender’s CKEY: Acronad(?)

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06-12-2023 (technically 06-11-2023 as the round started then)

Round Number: 44441

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant):

Incident Description:
An admin beamed the dead Explodes-Herself-Alot out of space and placed them into the CMO’s office. After seeing the CMO being afk, they then placed them in departures (in Fland) and ahealed their husked corpse up.

Additional Information:
The only admin online was Acronad. I do not know why this happened and I dont even think I should know of it. However, directly influencing a round instead of sending a message through CC, or even help through a custom-antag is not okay in my opinion.
(Unless Explodes finding themselves in space, husked is caused by a griefer or some major bug)

Yes this was me because explodes had walked off the arrivals shuttle and died nearly 40 minutes prior and I had just joined and saw their ahelp, and decided not to make them wait any extra time considered they had been unable to do anything for 40 minutes


Yeah, I accidentally walked off the arrivals shuttle 10 mins into the shift and waited this entire time bored out of my mind.
Acronad received the ahelp super late, proceeded to tp me back into the cmo office for me to be healed the long way around (either proper heal or cloning)
…but the cmo stayed afk the entire time we waited and while I had already given up, acronad decided to not make me wait even longer into the now hour long round and ahealed me

this wasn’t preferential treatment or w/e, it was just me dying due to walking off of arrivals and looping there permanently for the past hour with no sensors on (damn you, me, for refusing to start shifts with tracking beacon on)


This seems pretty relevant.

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There isnt anything specific, but the most fitting would be under Admin Intervention:

CentCom announcements (Create Command Report) are a great way to convey information to players about ongoing events, prefacing/warning about admin intervention, or to add flavor to the round. Announcements should remain IC at all times and should not be used for OOC communications.

Why arent these numbered like the rules are?

There was medical staff in-round, the station wasnt on fire and there were ample free crewmembers to mount a rescue mission on Explodes, who was in station Z-level. It was the players fault they walked off the shuttle (unless they got hit with one of those lagspikes that still records your input). I feel like this should have been solved in an IC environment.

Except that they had been dead for forty minutes by the time they got on to handle the ticket.
This is an excellent case of rule 0. They revived them in order to let them back into the round to have fun.

We’re here to make sure that people are actually enjoying themselves with this game.


I still feel a little lackluster for an unannounced aheal, but rule 0 it is. Im not mad about them getting back into the game, thats fine, but how they got back is what I had an issue with

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I mean, I’m not able to actually make a ruling; that’s for the headmins.
I was just stating my opinion on the matter.

Just to be clear you had an afk cmo, a disconnected MD, a traitor geneticist doing traitor things, and i think there was a viro quite “busy” being a viro


And if they stepped out of the shuttle before it docked, then they easily may have been lost in a remote corner of the station without suit sensors if they were lucky enough to not just be stuck in hyperspace instead.


I’m not quite sure what you mean with this here.

Did acronad make an announcement that was not IC? Or did he use the announcement system for OOC communication?
I kinda fail to see how this is relevant at all, considering there didn’t seem to be a single centcom announcement in the description of the situation you gave.

CentCom announcements (Create Command Report) are a great way to convey information to players about ongoing events, prefacing/warning about admin intervention, or to add flavor to the round. Announcements should remain IC at all times and should not be used for OOC communications.

My issue is with the lack of an announcement or any action taken to solve this issue IC as the issue itself was IC.

So the issue here is that acronad did not make a centcom announcement for something that should’ve needed one?

Well, yes, the lack of IC interaction.

How did you notice what Acronad had done?

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I was observing and the “A special package is being sent to the station” message x2 caught my attention.

See, that’s why I inquired, only you and maybe another ghost noticed what the admin did, you weren’t in the game yourself.

A cc message or another form of communication would have likely left players more confused than if nothing had been stated. Sometimes it’s better to just adjust things stealthily without pulling everyone from their immersion by informing them that “Explodes-Herself-a-lot” has been put back on the shuttle.

Gibbing/ajailing grieffers, cryoing SSD players, debugging bugged characters, we interfere in a miriad of ways that you don’t notice. Hardly any of those need a heads-up written in IC terms, unless someone playing has their round disturbed.


Alright, I have time to actually reply now.

At first, what I witnessed was someone being taken from station space, after which they got ahealed. The only admin online was Acronad and I have not interacted with them a lot before, if at all. I didnt know if it was sus or not as I don’t know what kind of min they are, but it turned out to be what it was.

After this was explained, I was left bitter for the missed chance to involve the players in-round. This is because the only time I was stuck in space and beamed back aboard (without being asked to, actually), the admin who did it made a flavor announcement rather than just silently rescuing me. I still feel bitter about it, as it was an IC issue which was solved OOC.

Since nothing malicious or abuse happened, you may close this report.

I totally agree with these as these are not IC issues (maybe the ssd one).

And let’s say this aheal was malicious. If i didn’t report it, it wouldn’t have been an issue that happened? A good analogy that came to my mind is: If a tree fell in a forest, but nobody witnessed it, did that tree even fall? No, of course it fell, but without me telling you that it happened, you wouldn’t know about it.

This wasn’t the case here, this got clarified by the first 2 replies, after which I felt bitter by the lack of IC solution.