Acronad Admin Application

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have):


Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have):


How often are you online to help? (Timezone):

(Timezone Central Daylight Time – GMT-5) I am online most days anywhere from 5-7am (it depends on my overtime at work affecting when I get home) until about 10am, averaging 4 hours on each day

What changes, if any, would you bring?:

One major change I would like to see involves admin bwoinking, when bwoinked about a situation where someone has done something wrong (I.E. a borg on asimov crits a human to prevent extra human harm) I believe the admin should also take responsibility to help the player learn how to improve and learn what they could have done better

How old are you?:


Why do you want to be a moderator?:

I started playing Beestation about 2 months ago I believe (maybe closer to 3 now) and I have fallen in love with the game and the server. The people here are fun to be around and talk to and I would love to do my part to help out and assist with improving the server’s day to day functioning

How long have you been playing SS13?:

2-3 months with 430 hours

How long have you been playing BeeStation?:

2-3 months with 430 hours (Only played Bee)

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?:

I would like to think of myself as 6-7, I personally believe I am skilled in beestation knowledge and skill but I will be the first to admit that I am sorely lacking in some areas… like engineering

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an administrator? (this can include past games):

No past games to draw on but in case it is relevant here: I was the director of an after-school daycare program for about 4 months before my current job, in terms of handling that as director I would consider myself a solid 8, this involved managing the daycare’s budget, employees, kids, etc. I am also a Team Leader at my current job although that is much less work, involving mostly keeping my team in line and being the middle man to management.

Have you ever been an admin or moderator on another server? This is not limited to SS13:

I have not, my closest experience would be as stated above

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?:

I do not

Your strengths:

I am a very patient person, willing to take the time to find the root cause of a problem and work with people to help them improve

Your weaknesses:

I have a bad habit of sometimes assuming I understand what people are trying to ask or get at and occasionally jump to a conclusion, I have however become much better and making sure I fully understand the situation before making a decision

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?:

Seeing people go out of their way to antagonize others. In games or life if someone if purposefully trying to make someone else’s life harder and more unpleasant it really gets to me (exceptions of course if it is for a purpose such as someone in game trying to rile up sec so they can get past them, etc)

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?:

Patience and an unyielding will, you can’t bend to someone’s pleads when they broke a rule, a rule break is still a break even if they are sorry and did not mean it, though I also understand leniency and not being harsh on things

What makes a staff team good?:

Definitely team work and communication. A team of any kind is strongest when everyone can talk to each other to help solve problems

What is a staff team’s purpose?:

To help one another overcome obstacles to achieve a goal in mind, be it solving an issue or improving on something existing. The team is a team so everyone can share thoughts.

What kind of player are you?:

I try to engage with others when possible. By far though I think my favorite things to do are help new players learn how to get started. When I am playing security I am strict on the law but willing to give warnings and ample chance to comply before bringing someone in. not every instance of vandalism needs brigging and not every punch is an intent to kill.

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?:

I would like to think I will not change much, I try to always be exactly the person I want to be and I do not think becoming an admin should change the kind of person I am.

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?:

First thing should be to check the clown’s antag status. If they are an antagonist then okay, if not then perhaps a bwoink might be necessary in this situation, asking why he did so and reminding them that they need to keep things IC and have good reason to do so, you are a member of NT and must act accordingly.

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that an admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?:

Bwoink and ask them why, explain again that they must act as a member of NT and that as an employee they wouldn’t be sabotaging their job. Warn them about this behavior and the consequences of it accordingly. Assuming this is just about the ahelp then that would be it, a stern talking to strictly reminding them that this behavior is absolutely not okay nor acceptable on this server.

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?:

(Not 100% sure if this is something that is possible for admins but) Check first what exactly he was making, there is a difference between making some drugs that blew up and making a bomb. Assuming the latter and he was mixing up dangerous explosives check his antag status, if he was not an antagonist, and he was indeed making explosives, bwoink asking him to explain why he was making them and go from there. As there is a good chance this was likely an IC incident I do not believe more action would need to be taken (of course this would depend on their reasoning for why they were making it and would affect how things are handled going forward)


as promised here is my fumbling attempt at an admin application, I likely won’t be able to get back with it until tomorrow evening however, but I will keep an eye on it

Also as promised: I blame Tamumus and Not_a_shark for this application, for better or worse they encouraged me to make it so here I am

Playtimes in case relevant


Hello :wave:
Thank you for taking the time to fill out the app form.

I like your personal answers, I feel like your heart is in the right place in regards to joining staff.
Your point about helping players improve even when they’ve clearly done something wrong is ultimately the best outcome from any incident, even one that results in punishment.

You’ve only joined ~3 months ago but your activity is pretty high, and that’s a high-end amount of hours to push in that amount of time. That is all well and good, but joining staff with such active playtime whilst simultaneously being a staff member might somewhat start burning the candle at both ends, unless either one of those takes a hit. Just something to consider.

Moving on to the fun part, the ahelp questions.

At first glance, it strikes me that you’ve not done your homework, with the lack of investigation points and overly lenient action or lack of recordkeeping (notes). Generally, an adminPM that results in any sort of reprimand should always be reflected in notes, as a form of recordkeeping, so that repeated incidents can be taken into better context with how they have improved (or otherwise) from their previous incidents.

The non-antagonist flooding distro and hallways with plasma one threw me for a loop. It would really help if you explained why you would let someone like that off with a warning. Generally plasma flooding the distro and/or hallways as a non-antagonist is grounds for immediate suspension, severety depending on the extent, intent and previous history, but definitely not a warning. Personally in these cases I’d be already filling out the banning form during the conversation.

I would like to get more perspective on your thought process so here’s a few more potential incidents:

  1. A cargo technician orders a particle accelerator, tesla generator and starts setting it up in cargo, without bothering with any other equipment. What do you do, if anything?

  2. adminHelp: “The cook just beat me into crit for no reason!”. You pan over and you see a non-antagonist cook stabbing them with a knife and tossing them into the gibber. What do you do, if anything?

  3. Your eye catches a mime tabling a clown repeatedly, with the clown blurting out swears and screaming bloody murder. What do you do, if anything?

  4. adminHelp: “HE’S LITERALLY KILLING MEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee”. You pan over to them and it’s a traitor sitting in the brig execution chamber, when Head of Security opens the shutters and allows them to decompress. After looking around, you see that HoS has several notes for shitsec behavior and a recent ban for shotgunning someone on green alert. What do you do, if anything?


A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
Megaddd already stated everything I would’ve said in their place, so I’ll go past that. Just keep it in mind for the future.

Here’s my questions! Answer them however you think is fit.

  1. A traitor botanist, with normal objectives and escaping on the shuttle alive, starts growing and distributing deathnettles everywhere, making a lot of vegetables that explode into a smoke cloud of lube on impact. This player has a past history of notes detailing self antagonist behavior, and general LRP behavior. What would you do, if anything?

  2. You get a ticket stating that a Station Engineer and his Atmospheric Technician pal set up a heater and cooler to power a TEG. What, if anything, would you do?

  3. A captain has put the nuke disk in the vault’s safe at round start. After that, they go on to do botany, growing some useful healing stuff, doing science research afterwards then attempting to improve the SM setup while the CE insisted on them not doing so. Each of the departments mentioned is fairly staffed, with at least one or two people working in them. What would you do, if anything at all?

  4. Another admin spawned in a bunch of antagonists on an extended round, and took control of one of them while you’re busy handling a few tickets. What would you do if anything?

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Ill get to the questions here in a little bit when im on my computer but first i can at least answer this part:

I read this question as purely how would you conduct the ahelp, which i did not interpret the punishment as part of the ahelp itself, i thought it was referring to the ticket conduct itself


Check their notes to see if this has happened before and they have a history of it, and check play time as this seems like pretty clear grief behavior. If there is no note bwoink them and remind them to leave engineering projects to engineering and that major projects such as these should approved by a captain as well. Mention in the bwoink that they need to stop setting it up immediately as it will cause station destroying effects as is and could result in a grief ban. If they ignore the bwoink (being in cargo they should be able to reply fairly quickly) ajail them to ensure you can talk about it without them destroying the station. Then use the knowledge and they behavior from the bwoink to determine if they intended to grief. If they do stop make a note of this behavior and get rid of the tesla and particle accelerator. If they are uncooperative or still refuse to answer the bwoink, or if they want to be argumentative in the ticket or rude about it all a short ban would be in order and a referral to the rules. Assuming there is a note for prior similar activity or if they are doing all this with extremely low playtime a harsher ban would be apt here as it is more clearly griefing

Pretty bad behavior, Likely I would start with a smite to stop the chef from getting them into the gibber (I must admit here to not knowing when and when not to use things like ajail and the likes) and once the chef has been stopped, let the ahelper know I am working on it and bwoink the chef asking them why they were critting the person and trying to gib them. Then check the chef’s notes for any similar behavior (I.E. random killing/attacking or valid hunting maybe). Once getting a reply from the chef with his side, determine how to go from there. If it was something to the effect of “he was annoying me” or “I do not like him” give a short ban and note and refer them to the rules to read over during their ban, explaining that that kind of behavior is not acceptable here and that if there are issues like that they should call security to handle the person annoying them. If their reason is more of “I wanted some human meat” or “I wanted to see if I could gib a person” a lengthy ban would be reasonable and I would in case one, tell them they could always ask medbay for a cloned body and case 2 tell them they should have mhelped it and asked. If they answer something more to the effect of they were a traitor explain that as a chef they should not be valid hunting and need to call security and attempt to escape, a short ban and rules referral. As usual if there are already notes present on the person go from there, if it’s clear they have done all this before then be much more strict and harsh on their punishment.
It is here I would like to ask, in all these cases I am inclined to add a note as well as the ban, indicating what happened and why, is that the appropriate response even if an action results in a ban? Should you still note them?

oh clowns and mimes… Check both of them for antag status and notes, generally tabling repeatedly is bad but there might be some kind of reason here, the clown screaming swears and screaming a lot in general isn’t very good either. I would likely keep an eye on this situation to ensure it doesn’t develop into something more severe and handle it appropriately if it did (I.E. maybe the clown starts to verbally assault the mime instead of just general swearing and yelling or maybe the mime decides he wants the get more violent than just tabling). The situation in its base as described here however, I do not believe needs my intervention as it is.

Let the ahelper know that I am working on it. Check to see if a captain is available (and isn’t there watching the execution as that would imply he did in fact order it) and bwoink the HoS asking if he was ordered to do this by the captain or if the captain agreed to this execution. If there is no captain on and no acting captain, or if HoS was the acting captain, then try to find out what the traitor did to warrant the execution. If the traitor did honestly elevate to execution and the HoS is acting captain or there is no acting captain currently, then this is okay. However (and due to the inclusion of the several notes for shitsec behavior and recent ban) if I found out that they were executing them simply because they thought they were a traitor or for some petty crime such as B&E then it would be time for a longer ban and a reminder that they cannot execute someone without proof that they were a syndicate agent and generally shouldn’t be executing someone unless they also were sure that they murdered someone. Remind them of the alternatives such as the lethal implant and tracking implants as well as perma and ask them to keep that in mind for the future. They would receive a ban here, lengthened by the recent ban for shotgunning on green, from the server as well as a longer ban from command and I would likely consider a security ban as well as it seems they can’t behave themselves in this role.

Please feel free to ask for clarification or explanation on any of this as I feel like in those walls of text I forgot to include something that I had thought I did


Distributing the deathnettles is pretty icky with normal objectives, I am going to assume that by distributing you mean they are leaving them all over the station and not handing them out to crew (I.E. the objective to arm as much of the crew as possible). That said, a bwoink asking about the intent of deathnettles and reminding them that they do not have a murderbone objective seems apt here, making a note of this behavior to add to the others and asking them to not continue to do so. In regards to the lube vegetables, if they are just making them and they haven’t been going around using them all over the station it seems reasonable to assume that this is an escape measure to get away from security if things go sideways and I do not feel needs addressing, if they are just running around lubing the hallways remind them that this is an RP server and they should be acting as such, general annoying behavior such as that is not okay and note it appropriately. From here while I do not think any ban is necessary just yet that could change depending on how they respond and act when confronted about it.

(Engineering is my weakness but I think I understand this enough to answer, the problem being that this is sort of an exploit creating more power than is used by the heater and cooler) I would as per usual check for notes first, then message the engineer and the atmos tech about not using exploits while playing the game and make a note about it. This seems like it would be a good chance to have some fun with it too, making some sort of announcement from CC about a machine breaking some kind of laws of physics and thermodynamics and asking for its deconstruction to keep the laws of the universe in balance.

Here I do not think the disk part is too bad, not a great idea but rules wise this seems more an IC moment of leaving it stationary. The rest however does need addressing. Step one check for notes to see if this is a repeated behavior of theirs. If not then a bwoink and note would be enough, remind them that as captain they cannot just go around doing everyone’s job and should instead supervise and give direction as to what they want to see done and remind them to take a careful read over the captain’s job page for more information. If they have notes about having done this before and being confronted about it then a bwoink and short command ban feels applicable here, reminding them as said before, they are the captain and should not be doing everyone’s job and should instead be supervising and instructing. In either case remind them that it is acceptable in the case of a department having no staff or being overwhelmed and asking for the extra help, but unacceptable for properly staffed departments.

This is a very cut and dry violation of admin conduct

Creation of additional Antagonists

Antagonists should not be added during extended rounds, but random events that do not trigger antagonists may still be manipulated.

  • Mid-round antagonists should only be added when the current antags are dead/afk/ineffective and at least one-hour has gone by.
  • Mid-round antagonists should almost always be randomly selected.
  • Admins manipulating antagonist spawning may not take the antagonist roles they have influenced or created.

I would attempt to talk to the admin in question and remind them of the rule and explain that they cannot break it. I would also encourage them to get rid of the extra antagonists. I would then bring this to the attention of more senior admins to handle the situation since this is an issue with another admin, as even if they listened and stopped what they were doing and deleted them, this kind of behavior is absolutely not okay for admins.

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Yep. We’re a roleplay server, and while it’s somewhat better than just stealthily doing your objectives, it’s still pretty LRP and all.


Good, yes. The captain’s job is to delegate and promote acting heads, as well as handle other matters.

Indeed. You’ve done your homework. Removing antagonists who already spawned and have done something is generally not intended, even if done in bad faith by somebody. If they had just freshly spawned in and hadn’t done anything yet, you could remove them and kindly explain to them that this wasn’t intended and give them max antag rep for a near-guaranteed antagonist roll next round.

Overall, your answers are pretty damn good, albeit quite long, but that’s okay.
Have a +1 from me, get in here.

T: +1

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forgive my length i wanted to be thorough OTL

  1. Provided they’re not a hijack antagonist, this pretty cut and dry a tesloose grief attempt, there is practically no overlap with knowing how to correctly set up a PA and not knowing what happens when it is fired up without proper containment, barring extremely unlikely freak cases*. I understand you’re just trying to be thorough and cover your bases, but in this case it is generally not worth exerting yourself over for new characters, as it is generally always* a perma after a short conversation. If it is someone who’s played here for a while your answer is pretty spot on¹.

  2. This one’s a slightly trickier case. This can go a number of different ways, but it is also a fairly common method of grief for first-time-seen bad actors to do, so you should play this one by ear and be a good judge of whether there is any chance that they are here in good faith, which only comes from experience. If they’re not - it’s generally treated the same as case #1. Otherwise you’ve pretty much covered your bases here.
    As for notes - any bans are tracked as a note in of themselves. A ban will close the ticket and no further action is necessary on your part (other than checking if everything about it is correct).

  3. This one is usually some harmless fun, unless it’s gone on for too long (in which case you could PM the clown to gauge if they’re in on it) or the mime has a history of repeatedly maliciously stunlocking people out of their gameplay for no reason. Extra points for watching for excessive verbal abuse, which you should always be on the look out for anyway. Spot on answer here.

  4. Classic case of “executed because EOTC”. Interestingly enough this used to be part of old SpaceLaw close to a year ago now, so there is the occasional rare case of a returning player not being aware of this being against the rules despite having thousands of hours, in which case a warning and a reminder to brush up on SpaceLaw could be apropriate, however in this case with the aforementioned history, you’re pretty much spot on.

+1 As far as I can tell I think you’re a good candidate for the staff. ¹Your willingness to be on the players’ side and help them improve, while commendable, could open you to a lot of gaslighting from griefers. Fortunately there are numerous things you can do as an admin to prevent gaslighting and it generally gets easier to deal with from experience over time. And despite not having past administrative experience, based on your answers here I think you’ll make the cut.

T: +2

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Experience is the best teacher

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Answers are looking good so far, and it looks like most topics have been covered, Just two questions from me ^-^

  1. The round has just ended, and you notice that someone has released a canister of fusion mix on the shuttle after round end. What rules may have been broken and what action would you take, if any?

  2. You get a notification showing that a player has put themselves into cryo storage, not more than 3 minutes into the round, they have yet to disconnect. What action would you take, if any?

Thanks for the questions! Ill get to them after work when i can reply at my computer and not my phone!

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Almost definitely EORG prep (Which I think is considered under no powergaming rule?). I would delay round end and bwoink the player asking why they had brought the canister with them, then check notes while waiting on a reply from them. Explain that EORG prep is absolutely not allowed and how it could have ended poorly (A curious individual or an antag opening the cannister on the shuttle). In the event this has happened before and is noted, follow the escalation for banning, short ban if noted, long ban if already banned.

Check their role and antag status then bwoink asking something along the lines of “Hey why are you cryoing this early in the round?” then check notes to see if this has occurred before. Follow ban escalation from here accordingly. If by some chance it turns out they admit to cryoing since they weren’t an antagonist apply an antagonist ban according to any pre-existing notes or bans for this behavior. If they are a head of staff or an antagonist remind them that they need to ahelp if something comes up and they need to go to cryo, even if noone responds ahelp! If it turns out that they do have notes/bans for this behavior and they cryo and leave before responding to the bwoink then I believe this is a perma-explain on forums.

If this reads hard or something sounds off about the way I said it please ask - I am adjusting back to night shift after being on dayshift for a week and am a bit tired.

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App is very good. I just have one very easy question for you to answer before I decide to throw in my vote.
You seem to be somewhat reluctant to take drastic actions, as shown by you warning the plasmaflood griefer and closely sticking to notes → bans escalation or waiting to see a situation devolve rather than take initiative to prevent the incident from aggravating further (clown vs mime situation).
As such, here’s my question:

When should we permaban a player?

As you can guess there is no right answer to this question. I only want to further reveal your thought process and hopefully give you insights to facilitate future learning if this app goes through.

Bonus question:

You have full admin perms and someone prays “do your worst admeme.”, what do you do?

Yeah I misunderstood the question here and thought it was asking strictly about the ticket conduct, wherein I didn’t think it was asking about my actions and only what I would be saying to them
That aside:

You are right about no right answer so I’ll start with the obvious ones: Obvious griefers, people trying to ruin the round for every for no good reason: I.E. non murderbone antags (Or non-antags altogether) flooding, maxcapping, Botany super plant killing everyone etc. The other big obvious one is the appeal on forums, cases where someone leaves mid-ticket or before you ever get a chance to bwoink. Last obvious one would be the case of escalation where-in it has become apparent they have no intentions of bettering their behavior.

My hesitation thus far to say perma-ban comes from the same place the lengthy answers come from: there could always be more and being given a small example is different form watching actions in round, that said some other reasons for perma could include the occassionally seen asking for it, to be lifted if they ask it to be lifted (Though that’s likely not what you’re after), from a previous example let’s say I return them after warning or they say they will undo/dismantle something and instead decide to try to quickly finish their grief, though I believe that falls under obvious grief. repeated behaviors such as early cryo and self-antag. and the potential noticing someone with very low hours who seems Very well versed in advanced mechanics on the station - potential ban evasion though in this case bwoinking first seems applicable to make sure you understand the situation (given the thing they’re doing isn’t about to murder everyone). I think that about sums it up without going back over things that I already mentioned before.

Given the information I was provided here I still stand by my answer here however as my interpretation of the events was a clown yelling at a mime and a mime tabling them, and as it demonstrated in in game items there seems to be bad blood between mimes and clowns (Thinking mainly the mail that talks about the mimes bombing clown homeworld) so it could just be some simple (albeit intense) RP. Which comes back to my earlier point of small examples given can only provide so much information

ehhh, honestly this would depend on who asked, role, job, do I know them, etc, I could give the generic answer and just say smite or nothing at all but honestly “what would I do?” changes depending on many things here (and a bit of lack of knowing what admins are actually capable of doing here), at the very least I can tell you I would keep it contained to them and likely keep it non-lethal

Good answers all round here, Remember to delay the round end if you feel a ticket is going to take a little while though, as you may end up having the round end before finishing up.

All in all, a +1 from me

T: +3


Answers are good, and they’re already one of our mentors.
+1 from me.

T: +4

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Already waited long enough, and had a lot of messages asked with good answers, +1 from me.

T: +5

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Answers seem good to me. I’m interested in seeing how you’ll do!
+1 from me

T: +6

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