[acidmind] Ivan Yabrovich Player Report (grief on rev round ban he)

CKEY: humanlike

Your Discord: Kalvin#5634

Offender’s CKEY: acidmind

LRP or MRP server: Sage

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ivan Yabrovich
Date (MM-DD-YYYY):

Round Number:19006

Rules Broken: Antag conduct

Incident Description: Local Roboticist Ivan “Yabrovich” rats out revs and names of revs heads to HoP (S.W.I.N.S.T.O.N) through PDA while being A rev himself

Additional Information: I think the A admin handled it and somehow he doesn’t get perma-ed even though he has A LOT of past notes. (Just want to know why he isn’t perma banned yet tbh)

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I was the admin that round, this situation is already dealt with.
Accdmind was already banned from rev ( he askwd to be banned), normally, when you are banned from a conversion antag you will ghost out when you are converted and your body is offered to ghosts. however, this didn’t worked, ivan thought he wasn’t converted due to his ban, and instead of seeking help, he proceeded to rat out the whole group of revs.
This round was pretty shitty and I got like 7 pings to deal with this, I wanted to ban this guy for some time ( I mean, he says he thought he wasn’t converted, but he saw the rev icon on people?) But one of the headmins said that this shouldn’t be a ban so he only got a note.

Since this was handled in game this report does not need an action taken

In addition to this I believe he is currently banned

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