Acco Bifasciata (Unknown ckey) Player Report

In-game report:


   Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Acco Bifasciata

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05.14.2021

   Round Number:29642

   Rules Broken: Head of Staff conduct

   Incident Description:As the captain, disregarded all station activities to build a bsa by themselves. Upon building it, he shot a prisoner and the AI ordered a borg to destroy it to prevent crew harm. The captain then proceeded to add a law stating that the bsa is non-harm, and wiped the ai anyway. 

   Additional Information: they changed my laws, saw that there are not enough mats to rebuild the bsa, and got so butthurt over me following crewsimov that they wiped me, me and another guy ahelped it. I quote "Acco Bifasciata flutters, "I view it as the same as a rogue AI going "the ORM is harmful."

i was ghost oberver this round, can attest this did indeed happen, captain got mad because his BSA got destroyed so he went to ai sat to card first, then wipe him. AI did not break his laws.


@Aeder this is your character name if I’m not mistaken.

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ok time for readable format

Incident Description: As the captain, disregarded all station activities to build a bsa by themselves. Upon building it, he shot a prisoner and the AI ordered a borg to destroy it to prevent crew harm. The captain then proceeded to add a law stating that the bsa is non-harm, and wiped the ai anyway.

Additional information: they changed my laws, saw that there are not enough mats to rebuild the bsa, and got so butthurt over me following crewsimov that they wiped me, me and another guy ahelped it. I quote "Acco Bifasciata flutters, "I view it as the same as a rogue AI going “the ORM is harmful.”


I was the borg and I can confirm the law was changed (with rather comedic timing) just after the BSA was destroyed. Was rather distracted with a miner that round and although I saw the complaints from the Cap afterwards, I wasn’t aware the AI was wiped until nearly the end of the shift when I went to pick up the core for evac and noticed it was gone. AI acted on its laws and, as far as I’m concerned, the wipe wasn’t justified if that was the entire reasoning here.

EDIT since the thread got locked and I can’t make a new reply:
One thing I would like to add is that I didn’t know destroying the BSA would completely remove it from existence or I might have disabled it in a less destructive way. I expected the machine parts to remain there but it just poofed.

I was the RD this round.
I believe this is more of an IC issue. you did follow your laws, but in doing this you destroyed the stations Objective. i understand why the captain got mad, but yes, he overreacted.

I remember having a forgneir quirk and just simply injecting people with beneficial mutations. Nobody complained. I inject Acca (Aeder), they crit me and they say stuff. I succumb and i heard that they say to perma me. Due to everyone ignoring, they hid my body in reeducation room. I ahelp this and guess who rensponds and what they say? That i self-antagged. They leave it to different admin, who gave me a note instead that i should not inject people with mutations. Sure, beneficial mutations i gave to everyone during that round. Noone complained or did the same thing as him.


Besides the fact that the objective is irrelevant to the AI, or that the ai is probably more expensive than the bsa, i explicitly warned the captain many times not to harm crew, and instead of changing my laws to make me docile, they threatened to shoot me with the bsa instead.
then, after they changed my laws(as expected) they wiped me anyways, for no reason other than getting “revenge”. this honestly should end in a jobban at best.

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Unsure if this is entirely relevant but they have a habit of abusing BSA, especially when it comes to lavaland escalation (skip to step 5 (kill) only if you are not the aggressor)
Been victim to it a few times as non aggressor role.

Building it is one thing, firing it is another.

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They did talk about using it on lavaland, before they began running around loudly telling everyone that criminals will be executed with it.

Hello, yes this is me.

As the AI you are responsible for the actions you order your borgs to take. They are obligated to follow your instructions, therefore it is the AI that holds the blame for destruction of the BSA not the borgs.

A quick tally of values as known by cargo;
To construct the BSA including ordering parts : approximately 100,000 credits (blue space crystals are expensive)
To construct an AI : approximately 1500 credits, it’s really just a brain and some wiring.

-The shift
As captain we receive the station objective via printout to build a BSA, from NT, due to their military presence being low in the area, this is the objective for all of the crew on the station, and the purpose for the shift IC. During the shift I see a large amount of objections from the AI and warnings they will depower it, perfectly fair as long as it’s built it still satisfies the objective.

Through the shift there was mention of a cult and a few other traitor issues which I was involved in, including the apprehension of a prisoner in the hallways which I left to sec to deal with. I checked with the CE to see if they had any free engineers to construct the BSA but they said they were too short handed. Meaning with the lack of construction personnel I had to do the objective myself. Coordinating with miners and getting a new borg assigned to them took a while so I watched the radio and saw sec being it’s usually heavy handed self and the ai being confrontational to them on the radio as it was with me earlier. After completion of the BSA due to the destruction in a line I sent a message to CC requesting a target somewhere safe so as to depressure the room and build around the breach making it safer for future. No response. So after checking miners were safe and with security fired once at collosus on lava. I announced it was now operational and ready for use to security and centcom purposes and then left to assist around the station. Shortly after security caught and captured the traitor that put harmful nanites in the crew, and because I was already aware of the damage this had done to a lot of the crew, allowed the request for an execution. Of course the AI complained which was fair so i went to change their laws. During which, unknown to me they sent a borg to not stop but destroy the BSA. When I got to the AI sat I was greeted by a full bolted and locked AI area. Which was relocked when I was using my remote to get through it. When I got inside the AI reactivated the turrets on me twice and rebolted the area. After having to plead with the AI as captain I was able to add a fourth law just stating the BSA is non harmful. However during the shocking and revolting of doors this gave the AI enough time to destroy the BSA as they originally wanted. This appeared malicious as I would have very easily saved the objective had I not been purposefully hampered as captain for little to no reason. Therefore I contacted CC again. Advised them of the situation and my expected actions which was to wipe the AI. I carded the AI and changed my mind about the wiping, just carrying with until a solution could be found and rebuilding the stations objective. However the weaponising of ahelps by the AI immediately during and through being carried showed the AI appeared to have harmful intentions, coupled with what appeared to be malicious actions before I couldn’t trust it wouldn’t rally borgs like before, and start a mutiny or similar, so it was wiped.

Additional points :
-The AI preempted harm by destroying the BSA, you wouldn’t space the armoury as someone got shot with a laser.
-The AI chose to cost the station the objective, rather than de powering it, hell even destroying the room APC instead.
-The weaponised Ahelps were unpleasant.
-As captain I follow NTs orders. If someone goes directly against the orders, I have been personally given by NT, then that would be mutiny or worse: making them an EOTC.

Enjoy the novel, sent from my iPhone

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Okay then, first of all, i warned you to not fire the bsa at crew, to which you responded with the threat that i do not count as crew myself.(If i wanted to, i could have destroyed it then and there, as per law 3)
You then proceeded to blatantly execute a crew prisoner, after which i had sent my borgs to destroy the bsa as it was evident that you cannot be trusted.
Shortly after the borg started destroying the bsa, you arrived in my upload in order to upload a law that would very likely compromise the goal of my current lawset, at this time, i was being lenient again, by allowing you to upload a law that would cause crew harm in my current lawset. as per the silicon policy, i am in my rights to non-harmfully resist detrimental law changes, which i was tempted to do, but refrained from.
you then, after changing my laws carded me, and wiped me after i told you multiple times that you had infact changed my laws and that i would not continue going on about the obvious executions.

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What in the actual fuck is this? You used ahelps to determine your in-round behaviour, round-removing them?


Some auto correct typos, fixed it.

And as in the rules, admins are deadminned while playing command roles / antag.
The threats about ahelps were in chat from the AI.

To answer this report

  1. Did you BSA a crew member or not?

That’s all you need to say, if you say yes - you’re at fault in this case.
As for the AI in game threatening a-helps, that’s a different scenario and I suggest you put up a player report.

I am more than happy to argue with you that one crew member is infinitely more expensive than 5 billion BSAs, you can build BSAs whenever you want, but you can’t get crew (Same way you couldn’t get an RD to handle the AI, engineers to build the BSA & a test site)

You’re missing what I am putting the values on, unless you refer to the AI, which is not crew.

This was an IC matter about malfunctioning equipment destroying more expensive equipment, while attempting to prevent future harm, and going against the written orders from NT for the captain and crew.
All while other ways for the AI to follow it’s laws were given, and the AI going to the full extent it was able to accomplish the destruction of the crew’s objective.

If you killed crew, you are responsible for the destruction of the BSA, not the AI.


You’re pricing the AI at 1.5k
You’re ignoring the fact that there’s a brain inside, making it worth much more than 100k, especially since the AI can control boris borgs and mine more than that in little to no time.

I don’t mean any harm or anything here, but ya gotta understand AI’s, they’re very easy to work with, you just gotta keep them in mind and I am 100% sure that if there was no law conflict, the AI would have loved to see that guy get BSA’d too.

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The relevant actors have given their perspectives, I’ve locked this to prevent peanut gallerying until a higher up comes and reviews it.