Access Denied

I’m making a post here since I can’t find the solution on Beestation Discord server.
Today after I tried to long in I had “Access Denied” message on both Sage and Golden, no I wasn’t banned, I’ve checked the ban list.
I’ve tried disabling my firewall, restarting internet connection,updating and reinstalling Byond.
I can join and play on any other server normally.

What is the exact error you get?

First is says:
“Connecting…” as usual
after few seconds I get “Access Denied” and later after few seconds “Dream Seeker may be experiencing a problem reaching If your game does not start, please check your firewall and antivirus setting to be sure BYOND programs are not blocked”.
But as I said I only get this while trying to join Bee.

Have you tried entirely clear in your byond cache?

That doesn’t appear to be a normal ban message, and you don’t appear to be banned.

Where can I find byond cache?

Gear at top right of BYOND
Clear Cache
Click OK

Restart BYOND for best effect.

Cleared the cache and restarted Byond, no change.

Try deleting the cache and cfg folders from Documents on your PC. You’ll have to re-log in to BYOND.

Deleting it manually helped, thanks a lot.