Acanopener banned by Kasual

CKEY: acanopener

Admin’s CKEY: Kasual

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 04/14/2020

Round ID: 14628

Ban Reason: Player requested MRP ban.

Appeal Reason: I requested the ban so I’m assuming I can request it to be removed.

Additional Information: Since golden is gone, this has changed from a server ban to an all servers ban which I did not originally intend.

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We can reverse it, but, given the nature of the original request, it does sound like you aren’t really interested in roleplaying which wouldn’t really jive with our current policies and environment.

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The request for the ban was long enough time for me to change and want to interact with the community properly again. I understand that the request in the first place does not place me in a good light, but I would like another chance to enjoy the people and promise to follow the rules of sage and acacia.

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Alright. We’ve revoked the ban and you should be able to connect again. Remember to read our updated rules and guidelines.