Abu Sharmoota player report

   CKEY :SerMagma

   Your Discord:

   Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

   LRP or MRP server:MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:Abu Sharmoota

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):1/12/21

   Round Number:25995

   Rules Broken: 3. Be Excellent to Each Other  4. You Must Roleplay possibly 9 and 11 too.

Incident Description: All round, this chaplain has been beating me over the head with his bible, constantly giving me brain damage. he was doing it to others too. people told him to stop. he went out of his way to find and beat me over the head with it. And earlier in the round, he was shouting about being sec. i’m pretty sure he actually started to validhunt with sec gear too. I’ve asked him to stop so many times. its just pure harasment. The way he is acting in game isn’t fit for MRP at all. in the end i had to actually use harm intent on him due to him rushing me with his sword. he just would not stop.
After i told him i was going to make a player report if he didn’t stop, he started doing it more as if to try to valid-bait me, constantly trying to get a reaction (it did, its too early and i’m exhaused from family issues. my anger got the best of me) i cant get over this part enough, HE ASKED THE AI TO FIND ME JUST TO MESS WITH ME. And some of the stuff he was saying was actually a little offensive to me. i kept keeping my distance, he wouldn’t leave me alone damn it

Additional Information: It could be a possible metagrudge too. hes going OUT OF HIS WAY to do it. asking the ai to find me and such.
All of these were from him constantly doing it all round

Cerebral traumas detected: subject appears to be suffering from deep-rooted phobia of greytide, reduced mouth coordination and chronic functional necrosis.

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Thought i’d add, i play spessmans to feel yknow, better when i’m feeling down. having this stuff happen for 2-3 hours isn’t cool at all. i couldn’t even be left alone for a damn moment.

This definitely looks pretty bad across the board yes.

Report Processed.