Absolute state of rules

hmmm yes ok so
mrp exists
ands on mrp
security is making its own station literally every round
people are ALL getting super duper maximum implants because autodocs are now a popular thing
now EMPs are going to be extremely super duper powerful, activate one EMP in a room and everyone is die

at this point
what the FUCK is powergame
admins banned me for augs so now i’m scared to do aanything ESPECIALLY when zesko is on because zesko still believes banning me for augs was justified

have the standaards changed
whatg the fuck

this isnt even touching on the admin consistency and other issues with the rules

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If you dont KNOW that the AUTODOC is from the game, CATACLYSM, you sir are very :unamused: :grimacing: :sunglasses:

Is this the new MRP meta?

@zeskorion it’s not even funny because you are literally ok with this you have been in rounds and seen this shit and i’ve ahelped it and it’s 100% fine

the admins are consistent, totally!

zeskorion when he sees an unbanned minority


Totally agreed.

Unbased 20 char limit

In my view of the game, I think that everything should be decided by the player skill. If you lose, you think about what you’ve done wrong and come back again for another attempt to win.

It’s impossible for it to be based soley on a players skill. This is multiplayer. Certain jobs are more powerful than eachother. Define winning. Challenge jobs: Curator. Make a chaplin cult about carps, fun. Continue making full stops alot to emphasize. CHANGE COLOUR TO V I N C E N T.

Vincent is the new dark mode, all hail Vincent

its been a week now… without mrp powergame and non antag murderbone…
i can feel my dick shrinking each second
when will this end
why are we still here?
admins… never change

is this “auto doc” thing what kool kids do nowadays?