Absolute state of admemes

“Filter bypassed and started getting rude in ahelps doesn’t help your case”

while this dude was like this in ahelp

Admin PM from- Prickly_tomato : so why do you feel to need to filter bypass?

PM to- Admins : look at this dude

( me being on fire and fighting to death second time with sci guy because i took a little bit of points from the machine while he was doing “muh nanites” )

Admin PM from- Prickly_tomato : don’t give a shit, going to get double the last punishment for bypassing so a server ban for 10 minutes

epic gamer moment not gonna lie, i feel like admemes are here to just fuck with u not actually do anything productive

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Admin bans for filter bypass: this
Doesn’t: admin report

i feel like everything will be a bad word soon

edit: i remember when i first started playing on bee, there was only lrp and that shit was racist as hell, not just words but species on species racism mainly humans on everyone else.

huh times change


do a admin report on me then, I acted appropriately. Also I was playing at the same time so am I suppose to just aghost and look over at you to make sure you aren’t in trouble when pming you?

Not going to show the whole story?

([2020-08-30 00:02:19.096] SAY: Timcanpy/(Anjelica Chaykovsky) “stop taking all points fa g” (Research and Development (148, 94, 2)))
[2020-08-30 00:03:46.030] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Prickly_tomato/(Ei-Dooka)->Timcanpy/(Anjelica Chaykovsky): so why do you feel to need to filter bypass?
[2020-08-30 00:03:54.144] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Timcanpy/(Anjelica Chaykovsky)->Prickly_tomato/(Ei-Dooka): look at this dude
[2020-08-30 00:04:19.259] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Timcanpy/(Anjelica Chaykovsky)->Prickly_tomato/(Ei-Dooka): and i didnt bypass
[2020-08-30 00:04:29.498] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Prickly_tomato/(Ei-Dooka)-

Timcanpy/(Anjelica Chaykovsky): don’t give a shit, going to get double the last punishment for bypassing so a server ban for 10 minutes
[2020-08-30 00:04:31.760] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Prickly_tomato/(Ei-Dooka)->Timcanpy/(Anjelica Chaykovsky): oh you did
[2020-08-30 00:04:41.652] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Prickly_tomato/(Ei-Dooka)->Timcanpy/(Anjelica Chaykovsky): “stop taking all points fa g”
[2020-08-30 00:05:06.623] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Timcanpy/(Anjelica Chaykovsky)->Prickly_tomato/(Ei-Dooka): dont cry ok i didnt bypass
[2020-08-30 00:05:41.209] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Timcanpy/(Anjelica Chaykovsky)->Prickly_tomato/(Ei-Dooka): i wanted to finish nsult but didnt have time cus i was attacked whatever
[2020-08-30 00:06:23.591] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Prickly_tomato/(Ei-Dooka)->Timcanpy/(Anjelica Chaykovsky): Goodbye, please just swear next time
[2020-08-30 00:06:34.015] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Timcanpy/(Anjelica Chaykovsky)->Prickly_tomato/(Ei-Dooka): ok piss off admeme

Alright if you were about to tell me about a guy over escalating just say so instead of beating around the bush, just be blunt and say “this dude is attacking me for a stupid thing” and I would’ve aghosted. You need to communicate with admins better

i dont care enough tomato man


Filter bypass punishment always doubles with each consecutive offense.

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I don’t really recommend making a full admin report if @Milky is alright with it being handled here - this is the sort of issue that wouldn’t result in a strike unless the behavior is repeated after a warning/discussion.

This is disrespectful, and while it’s somewhat understandable when it’s being thrown at you, returning disrespect/rudeness in a ticket only makes the issue worse when the majority of the problem has been caused by the player in question acting heated.
Take a deep breath and and calm down yourself if you’re getting to where you’re doing this in ticket to others.

This is technically still true, but it was agreed upon to escalate the punishment at first slightly differently.

First Offense: Warning and discussion about our chat filter and what is going to happen if you can’t contain yourself from bypassing the filter
Second Offense: Hour ban
Third Offense: Day ban
Fourth Offense and onward: Double previous ban

Bans were not getting the point across when they were 5 -> 10 -> 20 minutes long and this was agreed upon over a month ago in a meeting, but I’m making an announcement on it now in the discord to try and get admins on board with this since many are still enforcing the old method.

@prickly_tomato don’t be rude in tickets even if they’re being rude to you.
@Milky you definitely should also try not to be so heated in tickets, and your ban should have been for a day, not ten minutes

i was on fire and fighting with that sci man and u were bothering me at this very moment with ahelp cus i said “bad word according to you”

its not worth communicating with tomato man any further to be honest

understood, I shouldn’t have sworn in the ticket.

im not a bich i wont ahelp ic fight over some research points, happens all the time.

to be honest i thought tomato man was orbiting me or something and thats when he said i dont give a shit but i was wrong

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To my perspective, it just looked liked you were trying to justify using slur. Like you were trying to say “Don’t they look like one?” If I had known you were in fight I would’ve waited for it to have been over

i didnt say any slurs my hand slipped and it perhaps looked like a slur

Then what were you trying to say then? Humor me

go away tomato man i see u

ah he did it 20 gan g

Proud and in charge

Word filter was a mistake, being this happy to ban somebody over it doesn’t make you look cool.


i am not sure if you know what based means

i really dont think you know what based means

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