Absolute Crapola tier ideas thread

Borgs when:
No upgrades, no recharge room, no full repair or re-configuration services.
“I don’t think I’ll play Borgo anymore.”

A.I.s when:
No boris module, no Restoration after being killed, no new borgs other than round start, no new bots.
“I don’t think I’ll play A.I. anymore”

you when all prior mentioned:
Still doomed to lynching.




Add Pubby to the map rotation


What if we had a wizard every other round. :point_right: :pleading_face: :point_left:
Aha-ha ha just kidding
:eye::lips::eye: Unless?

Just remove the whole station except for common areas.
And theater backstage.
Clown is the one job that is un-powergameable

Clearly, you just haven’t met a robust enough clown.

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Clowns aren’t powergameable because they already spawn with the best gear on the station. They don’t need to get more.


If I had 10 holocredits for every time a clown has asked me to make pies, I’d have at least 50 and up to 70 extra dosh on my space account.

So yes, but also no.

Wanting more and needing more are 2 seperate things.

On theme clown gamer gear upgrades other than their uplink stuff would include the honk hardsuit, lavaland ruin loot (clown staff), and the holy grail: the H.O.N.K mech

I already addressed that.

Every person spawns in an exosuit tailored to their jobs needs. Only people in exosuits are crew.

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Just remove R&D.
The only thing you’d need researched items for is powergaming.

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Daedalus Dock wants to hire you

Yeah, this would be the loadout I would beg the admins for to do a Clown Wizard.

Just add Summon Item, Blink and a Floor Clwne for maximum Clown action

bad ideas only, get outta here.

Sometimes it feels like that’s what people genuinely think.

Me thinking about RD: “when can I pull those egg-heads out of their lab, to beat them over the head with things they can study with the E.X.P.E.R.I.M.E.N.T.O.R. or take apart upon a desk in order to reverse engineer it when they get back to the lab.”

What if we just REMOVED the Destructive analyser and made those lazy eggheads analyse things THEMSELVES.

Touching someone while targeting the groin outside of surgery is an automatic perma-ban for ERP.

a new “cat” surgeon is added: the moth surgeon
they turn you into a moth and give you the objective to moff people