AbominationBanisher Player Report

CKEY: Halinder

   Your Discord: N/A

   Offender’s CKEY: AbominationBanisher

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/09/2019

   Round Number: 10056

   Rules Broken: 6. Meta and Communications

   Incident Description: During a round where I joined late as a changeling and started trying to pick people off, AbominationBanisher constantly kept reporting my location and activities to the entire server via OOC. At one point, someone playing giant spider (202) used this info to track me down in an isolated location to bite me several times. It was unpleasant.

   Additional Information: N/A

I was the spider, sorry to annoy you. I have OOC disabled. You were just too obvious. Not to say you’re a bad player, but yes.

Weird, I was totally silent in the labor shuttle absorbing a guy while he was telling everyone I was in the labor shuttle choking someone, so I assumed it had to be meta.

I saw that security had been broken into to. Was thinking of picking off prisoners.

Whenever I see spiderlings skittering around and I am in jail, I start yelling for help.
There’s always one of you guys thinking of vent crawling in.
Fists don’t beat venom.

To make this not a peanut post, I think it would be nice that the logs are made available to the public like TG does, some time after the round ends, so we can log dig for our selves and take some work off the admins.

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I played during this round lmao I think spiders ate my Odysseus
The story was that detective got killed and was super salt y saying some self antagonist killed him, he said he will be unpunished because admins aren’t on right now.
I told the idiot that if he has issues with the round he can just report on forums, he said it doesn’t work that way absolute tard.