Abductors on round 31957 report

In-game report:

CKEY: TheHuntersHell

Your Discord: HeyBeeko#6514

Offender’s CKEY: Isy232

Offender’s In-Game Name: They were abductors

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 08/10/2021

Round Number: 31957

Rules Broken: r6

Incident Description: Abductors stole lathe boards from departments and emptied the ore silo in order to “revive his teammate”. Complete overkill with insufficient reasoning. Caused a shuttle call

Additional Information: not entirely sure if grief rules apply to abductors, but I’ve been told they arent supposed to do this kind of thing.

not sure if it was the abductors, but i was in the same round. both the normal engi lathe, and its backup was stolen. on top of somehow the security lathe according to radio.

Security lathe wasn’t stolen, we deconstructed it before going to shuttle so it doesn’t get stolen too.

ah, that makes more sense. still, both engi lathe boards were stolen. i can confirm this as the CE that shift.

Abductor player said they had done both things after the round ended

Firstly, I was playing the scientist and the agent was dead while I was stealing stuff from the station or they were following along with my ideas. I’m really the only one who should be the target of this report not the other player

To avoid this post being massively long, I’ll give the reasons for why I stole what people were complaining about.

Now, before we started stealing stuff we tried to play stealthily with the things we had. The agent went after the HoS alone in arrivals who got a message out before getting sleeped causing the agent to be swarmed by multiple security and killed with the abductor baton being stolen.

I was stealing with the intention of reviving them (which I did) as well as getting us equipment to make up for the lost baton and make our job easier. From the stuff I stole I was able to make a chemistry set to make healing medicines as well as a bluespace bodybag and a second set of tools as well as a cell charger and inducer to keep our chemistry set charged.

I took the protolathe from R&D because as soon as I teleported in there to try to print off the stuff I would need I was shot at with lethal lasers from a sec man in the hallway. I couldnt exactly take my time and print what I wanted to, so I deconstructed the protolathe and circuit imprinter, grabbed the boards and teleported up.

I then needed machine parts so I dropped into engineering when everyone was away, took some other irrelevant stuff and grabbed the engineering protolathe board because if I need to print anything more from it I didnt want to risk being killed to do so.

I am not responsible for taking the spare engineering protolathe board as some people claimed. I only took the board from engineering lobby. If the other one was missing it was not stolen by me.

After I made a protolathe on the abductor pod I teleported into the ore silo and linked the protolathe on the abductor pod. I then used the protolathe to drain the ore silo. I then made a separate ore silo on the abductor pod and filled it with the materials and linked it to the protolathes I had.

I took all of the materials partly because I didnt want to run out and need to risk myself to go get more and partly because security was using them to print advanced energy guns which were being used to arm the killsquad trying to catch us.

Maybe this was somewhat excessive but I was nearly killed trying to revive my fellow abductor who themselves was killed by security with the HoS clearly ordering all security to shoot us on sight. At the time I didnt feel like leaving any materials that could be used against us on the station.

After talking with other admins, I think that draining the ore silo was going a bit too far. It wasn’t completely without reason but it was kinda excessive.

I still think the other stuff was fine, considering it helped revive my fellow abductor and I only took 1 out of 2 boards for the protolathes and everything else was easily replacable.

I personally dont think stealing lathe boards just for a revive was warranted, hence my overkill comment. (Disregarding you emptying the silo which was also incredibly frustrating and horribly unnecessary).

Abductors aren’t meant to sabotage to such a degree without a pretty damn good reason, and I feel that different avenues could have been taken rather than what was done.

Its just really irritating when a midround that isn’t meant to have such a negative impact on the station does so out of impulse.

This is just my take on it, I dont think us going back and forth on this topic is going to do either of us any good. Im going to leave my opinion here and let this sit.

I would consider the partner being dead to be a good reason to cause collateral damage for the sake of reviving them.

That said, aside from one voice, there is a general agreement that draining the silo was going too far in this situation.

Report will be fully processed after a discussion with @llol111.

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Report resolved.

They have been corrected and we should not see this repeat.

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