Abductee Objective Idea Thread

Abductee objectives are disliked by most of the community. So let’s change them! We had a thread about them, but that just ended up in discussion and a PR that went nowhere. This thread is solely about:

  • Gathering new objective ideas
  • Listing up exactly which old objectives need to be discarded

Come and post the best ideas you got!


what if giving shitty organs. they took organs. that’d be gcool i thik


You are John Nanotrasen filming a new episode of the show undercover boss. You are disguised as assistant Jacky Greytide. Go around the station overseeing the procedures, and at the end of the shift, decide if to spare or kill the captain.


A bit wordy but it’s a start, and I like the idea! Let’s gather even more ideas from the community

yeah I wrote it quick-ishly so it’s written in a weird way but it’s an idea

I don’t really think the abductee objectives should even really exist tbh.

Abductors should just swap organs out for different organs + abductee gets a generic message/objective that informs them that they remember nothing about the abduction.

The real question is what abilities or disabilities the organs should potentially provide that will be spicy without the worst options effectively ruining the round for the affected player.


you fucker

Abductors should instead be cooking up their own unique ones with brainwashing.

Damn, I wanted a thread specifically for ideas and not discussion. But thats alright. If you guys really want to debate if they should even exist instead, then we can do that. I think they’re fixable, which is why I made this thread in the first place!

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I actually forgot about that one, so it was unintentional

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and uhhhh they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Problem with abductee objectives is that I might be doing X gimmick and now I got Y thingy to do. I’d say that abductor should test out new organs on the abductees. Could be an advan ed freedom plant and you’ll then have a goal to get as stuck as possible and find yourself a way out. Could be in a straight jacket, with cuffs, bola, and inside a locked safe in a room with plasma.

Basically, you’d be given some fun mildly OP implant to assist you whatever ginmick you got. Now, instead of being an actual kidnapping it becomes an opportunity, you are given an opportunity to have something fun.

in discord ideasguy

If you attempt to operate Brain Recalibration to an abductee, you get a special window. The special window contains random sentences (prebuilt) And you should choose one of them to put an additional text to their abductee objective

  • But fear getting your reputation bad for your attempts.
  • Always consider if it’s profitable, then decide do/don’t.
  • Always query the station ai for the accurate operation.
  • Do it to your most beloved person.
  • Do it to your most hateful person.
  • Visit the medbay after you do it.
  • Visit the medbay before you do it.
  • Do not this in the bridge.
  • Do not this in the brig.
  • Do not this in your department.
  • Only do that when a person says no, don’t, or any disagreement.etc…
  • Examples:

Go have a good conversation with the singularity/tesla/supermatter crystal. Bonus points if it > responds.

  • Do not this in your department. (To engineers) → They’ll prob do that in other department though lol
  • Only do that when a person says no or don’t. (To other people)

The CEO of Nanotrasen is coming! Ensure the station is in absolutely pristine condition.

  • Always consider if it’s profitable, then decide do/don’t.

Replace all the floor tiles with wood, carpeting, grass or bling.

  • Do not this in the brig.

The crew must get to know one another better. Break down the walls inside the station!

  • Only do that when a person says no, don’t or any disagreement.

I mean, at that point… what are the abductors even doing it for? That would reduce their impact in round, while yes the abductee obejectives kinda suck, without them if the abductor is not a creative player/new player on abductor it’s a good tool to give creativity to the affected player that gets kidnapped, kinda like how the third optional objective is just there to help with creativity and ideas on regular antags, without the abductee objective the abductors experience would be shorted to:

Yes we have greyman that wordlessly stun you and put you to sleep crew

Oh and uhh we have people puking plasma! and… spiders!

At least the abductee objectives give the affected people something to do, though 90% of the time they tend to ignore it since they’re boring/hard to pull/no one cares since the objective itself it’s not that impactful (i.e ignore everything in a pair of 3’s) So this thread in itself it’s not a bad idea, it’s like done to help the abductors to impact the round in a way (that’s why i think if they brainwash the person with a custom objective the abductee should be immediatly removed so they don’t wake up with two different objectives, unsure if that’s the case 100% though)

I don’t disagree that abductors should have some more toys to play in terms of dissecting, like i’ve always wanted them to have a fridge containing organs of different species, maybe even limbs! so they could do some actual experments, same could be done with adding new organs that do different effects + remove the ones that just fuck the player for no reason as well as maybe updating their ‘‘point store’’ to purchase cooler organs/objects/etc(circular ufo spaceship plushie? :flushed: )

Right now the only time i enjoy abductors is when they go out of their way to give the crew creative brainwashes that are not straight up ‘‘take people to X isolated spot and help the greyman!’’ but more flavoured like kidnapping a captain and brainwashing them into disliking mindshields or allowing a xenobiologists to do crazy experiments that get more and more lethal


Same thing as always - experimentation. Abduct, perform experimental transplants and observe the impact they have. The abilities and organs they give can still have dramatic effects along the lines of genetics powers. BZ vomit is a good replacement for plasma vomit.

Manually brainwashing with unique objectives is fine, it’s the existing automatic objectives that are garbage and need to go, and I don’t think the system of auto-objectives is worth salvaging like the thread has set out to do. If abductors don’t want to make funny brainwashing, the organs powers should be enough to carry abductors as an antagonist.

You know the wizard ritual for summoning guns, and all the chaos that can cause on station without the wizard even having to show up? Or the any number of the devil contracts like shock packets? Going back to the plasma burping organ again since it’s one of the worst right now - imagine if having it made you immune to heat and the toxin damage from inhaling plasma? Suddenly it’s a 10x better experience for the person who has the organ while still being amazingly detrimental to the station. Imagine abductor organs doing things like this which sows chaos on the station innately without objectives, and without ruining the round specifically for the abducted person.

Could even take it a step further by making their objective read something along the lines of “Abudctors do not exist and you should renounce any thought of their existence”.

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This is a terrible mindset really, your round is not sacred and an antag’s job is to derail your round to make it more interesting

So abductors just become a gamer gear dispenser?

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I really like the one where you start shocking things and the one where you barf spiders!
Regarding the “abilities” themselves.
The objectives are subpar.

For what they always have. Bragging rights and high scores.

I find the egg laying one and speech impairement hillarious.

And out of all the antags, teleporting wankers are the least enjoyed ones.

Not like you’ll get to choose the “gamer gear”. And I’d say Medbay and Security has a responsiblity to safely detain them and remove them. Most likely what would happen in real life, don’t you think?