A Xenobiologist guide to managing your mass spawned mobss


Since xenobiology got this rule:“Xenobiologists who mass-spawn sentient mobs or golems are to be held responsible for the immense greytiding and rampant murder done by said mass-spawned mobs.
Note: this only applies to mass sentinece and “grief.” One or two disobedient golems or mobs are the fault of the mobs themselves”
I have decided to make a quick guide on how to make sure that your creations wont go nuts and self antag,how and when you should spawn different mobs and a bit of salt regarding this rule


There are in my opinion 3 types of mass spawnable mobs

I usually summon golems so that people can get back on the station so that they can do any of the stations jobs.
Golems are a little bit of a mess when trying to make sure that they wont go nuts when you summon them. When you start the golem shell spam i actually recommend putting like 10 shells at a time and also really important being an adamantine golem (you can become one if you use adamantine extract on major activation while being a lumniscient) because you can give orders by being able to send a message to all golems so you really need to become one if you dont plan on watching the shells the entire round.
When you give orders i recommend making them short and precise but you need to make sure that the golems understand them. If you say"You are free" some golems would think you gave them the murderbone pass when in reality you just wanted them to become some crewmembers or something
Thats why my recommended order is this"Golem you are free,consider yourself a member of this station,only kill those valid"this makes sure that the golem is understanding the fact that he is a crewmember,and he cannot go murderbone.
Now of course you will need to spam this order to make sure you are heard and if you are an adamantine golem then congrats you only need to make sure to spam this order about every 5 minutes you could also tell golems to tell any new golems that they are free and stuff
Some important things about golems:
-THEY DONT REMEMBER THEIR PAST LIVES(i cant remember how many times a dumass golem spawned and killed their killer and when i stopped them they called me a retard saying that his killer is a gangster/tator/rev/any other antagonists. I recommend using looc to politely tell them that no they dont know their past lives
-They are supposed to listen to your orders
-When you make them i strongly recommend telling the station via the radio that the golems arent hostile

SPIDERS (oh no)
Unless there is like a revolution going on or you are feeling suicidal i dont recommend summoning the spooders
When you get your spider broodmother i HIGHLY recommend to tell her what to set as a directive(its a rule/law/idea that all spiders that will hatch will recieve,its basically the law that all spiders must follow)
When you set the spooder directive make sure that:
-It aint short(spiders might not see it and they will go on a murderboning spree)
-Its clear
-Generally trying to make it interpretable is discouraged
Here is my one and only directive as a non antag("Help maintain order on the station,kill valids,if someone who isnt valid attacks you dont fight him and try to talk him out of attacking you)
When you make the spooders for the love of god tell the station that they are sentient and friendly.
In general if a greytider kills a spooder a spider will kill that greytider,and the entire station expects the spioders are hostile and i think we know where this ends up so thats why i highly discourage spawning spooders but if you must make sure the directives forbids self defence against non valids
Also maybe tell the spiders to not spam webs

This includes magicarps,xenomorph maids,bees and watever your gold slime extract created
In general its easy:Tell them to only kill valids and maybe forbid self defence
Tell the station that the sentient mobs are friendly and they shouldnt attack them
If a dumb mob ends up not respecting its order and goes on a killing spree tell the station that the mob is going against its orders and the other mobs are fine and notify the admemes
If your mobs get killed by some greytiders please for the love of god dont spawn mobs and tell them to go get revenge, the admins will bwoink you and you will probably get banned

So basically when you mass spawn mobs make sure to inform the station regarding them, give them clear orders, and when a shitter takes control of the mobs report him to the admemes and tell the station that the shitter is an isolated case

This is just me bitching against this rule so consider the guide over
This rule in my opinion can be good if only you make it so that only XENOBIOLOGISTS WHO DIDNT TRY TO MAKE SURE THAT THEIR MOBS KNOW WHAT TO DO will get punished.A big part of xenobiology is that of giving players a way to get back on the game and this rule basically limits the amount of mobs a xenobiologist may spawn without the fear of getting bwoinked and banned for no raisin because one of the mobs who he spawned decided to go shitter.
Here are some examples

Xenobiologists make spooders
Dumb spooder doesnt read directive
It attacks a greytider
The greytider kills the spider
He says the spooders are hostile
Spooders vs station warfare

Xenobiologist makes golem
Dumb golem self antags
The xenobiologist is suspected of being a tator
Crewmembers are told the golems are hostile
Golem warfare…

Heck some people even got banned for not even making tons of mobs but they got banned because either one got self antagged or some dumb greytider triggered a race war. Both times the maker of the gun got punished not the one who made it

Anyways this is all of my bitching we will see how this rule will affect xenobiology as a whole.

good over all guide. Spiders in general are a bad choice, and if you DO spawn spiders, dont feed the broodmother a ton of monkeys, because then you get like 500 spiders, and there arent 500 players. That means a ton of the spiders are simple mobs with no player behind them. If someone hits them, every spider in the area that is not player controlled will become hostile. This can result in players thinking a player killed them when the mob AI killed them since it is pretty simple.

Something not everyone knows is the secret of the wumbo fungus. If killed and butchered (or killed with the xenobio shield) it spits out an item that you can give ANY simple mob, which increases their size and strength, and allows them to one hit any wall. If you are hunting cultists with a carp, this can be useful for breaking into cult bases that are locked off by cult doors.

If your mob is being a shit, DO NOT BE MAD THAT IT DIES. I likely deserved it. I have been killed before by non antag xenobiologists for killing their precious polymorph Carp because it turned me into a frog and wouldnt change me back.

@Oliva Consider checking this bru

yeah most of this is pretty accurate especially the last bit about the new rule. i know ill be getting banned more times because of it.

a few things about the groups

Golem Gang
golems are probably the best group as far as being the player and getting shit done. since if they were a chef or something they can pretty much just get back to work and RP a natural skill or attraction to cooking or some bullshit. try not to tell them to do whateva anymore since if they do bad shit its your fault now. They tend to get carried away by Golem gang stuff and start race wars. but if you specify not to do that it shouldn’t be a problem

on Spooders
never spawn em. they will not follow what you say and will most of them time kill you even if in their directive tells them not to. the only acceptable time to spawn them is if you’re a traitor with hijack or martyr objective. since you will absolutely die aswell either from your own dumbass spiders or buttmad crew
“but they have to follow their directive!”
they will read it and then completely ignore it.
“But ill report em!”
they dont care. a mans brain turns off when they become a spider. and all thoughts of account ban preservation is thrown out the window.JUST DONT SPAWN THEM

on mobs
honestly i wish there were better mobs in the gold slime pool. 75% of them are gag mobs like the tree or the crate. the only one thats consistently safe from bored/shithead assistants is lightgeist. they will 100% get killed no matter what and for no reason. i cant count the amount of times i have released a resurrection bolt carp into medbay, telling them what it does and finding it dead less than 7 minutes later. forbidding self defence doesn’t really work since they will just ignore that. trying to use them as an army or attackers isnt great since they ALL suffer from atleast one of these disadvantages
1)low speed
2)low damage
3)low health
and a small thing. you can convert mobs into cult but not into revolution since you cant flash mobs. but golems will always be rev/cult/gang if their master was at the time of creation.


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bro the tree got that mad knockdown chance along with da pole…


you know what else has a mad knockdown chance? a silver golem
you know what doesnt get btfo’d by you standing one tile above it because of its oversized sprite? a silver golem

ok but consider this : tree funny

holy shit an essay
also what if you just didnt spawn any?

gib everything except broodmother

Crate and Tree are exceptionally strong, and the crate can take a real beating without dying. Sure they are gags, but I like the crate at least. I think statues should have a higher spawn rate through the gold slime spawn though. Its listed in the Gold slime pool on the wiki, but I think Ive seen it happen once.

statue is only for polymorph spell. i have at this point spawned overall 1000 and have never gotten a statue once. did get rare frog tho

Like I said, I’ve seen the statue once, and it was because someone went nuts with gold slimes, and it was a long time ago that i saw it happen. In my 600+ hours, I’ve only seen it happen once.

A thing about golems.

A golem can transfer his soul to another finished shell by touching it with free hand. That leaves behind his old body. That way you can get adamantine golem body without actually killing your creation. Which means you can extract the resonator and receiver from it (mouth and head respectively) and implant them to yourself giving you the ability to speak and hear adamantine golem speak.

This way you will be able to give commands to your golems without sacrificing the speed and perks of your slime body you likely have.

Of course this requires a bit of a cooperation from medbay. Or a medically competent golem helper.