A Whitelist for MRP thread

I’ve been playing a lot of MRP, and it just, well it isn’t Medium Role Play. It’s about the same as the LRP server. The main thing seems to be people migrating from LRP servers, and they still play like it’s an LRP server. It’s fine if everyone wants it to be an LRP server like the other one, just with a lower pop, but I think it’s kinda misleading to advertise it as MRP. I’ve been told a lot that it’s just because admins won’t do their job, and maybe that’s true to an extent, but you can’t expect them to be able to ban a constant influx of shitlers.

I know, you might not want a whitelist because it’ll lower pop, and it will, but realistically it won’t change too much, and no, it won’t die. The people who want to MRP will gladly sign up for a whitelist, it’ll only filter out people who are perfectly fine with LRP. It doesn’t make sense that just because the server has a basic whitelist, basically just making you confirm to the admin that you read the rules, that all the sudden people who liked MRP would immediately stop.

And the MRP server isn’t MRP, I can confirm from playing on it. Anyone who has played on it CAN confirm that it isn’t MRP. From the captain yelling “N word!!!*” (The forums don’t let you post a thread with the actual word in it) in the main comms, to a non-antags destroying the station. It all happens, just like LRP.

The whitelist wouldn’t be strict either, basically just confirm to the admins that you’ve read the rules. I know, shitlers can get through that easy. But it will help filter out a lot of them, and will improve the quality of the server.

To close, it’s either putting in a whitelist, or change it to an LRP server. No, those aren’t the only two options, this can be ignored and nothing will change, and the MRP server will continue to disappoint players joining it, expecting MRP, like it says it is. I’m not angry at anyone specific, I think the admins are all great people, but I just want to see this change. If you’ve read this far, thank you, it means a lot that you’d even consider it, and have a nice day!


Honestly I would be alright with a whitelist as they said just a way to keep people who join in and treat it like LRP out and another hurtle to keep them away until they actually treat MRP as MRP instead of “beestation golden part 2”

whitelist do it now nerds we need it

ey man, I am with this movement too.
Would love to have it actually be filled with MRP players


I support this presented recipe. As it would actually be fucking helpful unlike the nonexistant braincells that seem to govern admins on the topic of MRP friendly IC issues.

Welp, it was a cozy place, we were improving the station, drinking at the bar… And then these guys come in dozens and start breaking into places because “why not, nword”. I mean when twenty people break everywhere at all times, it becomes annoying and unmanageable.
All of this ends up in really short rounds. Like really, since when 1 hour is long? There is too many people that cannot control themselves, which generally screws the round. We are simply unable to counter THIS amount of greytiders without spacing everyone except static namers (lol).


I support this sentiment. RP needs to come from every party involved. It’s not gonna work if half the bloody server is a screeching shitlord.

if it was whitelist i think it should just be HRP too

Honestly, when I hear HRP, I think insanely strict rules and boredom. I’ll pass.


It’s not HRP, the regular MRP but without assistants destroying the entire station. The HRP thing just came from a random reply, it’s not related at all. Remember to read the post before replying!

it wasn’t counterproductive commentary…

though i do think a whitelist is a good idea. only thing is player count would go down though and it’s already kind of low

I think a whitelist is a good idea, it doesn’t have to be strict, more of a “Hey go on the forum, register your Byond key and click a checkmark box and you are good!”


yeah atleast you would need to put in the braincells to get a forum account

I love the MRP environment and I never got back into LRP after Nylaa informed me about its existence, after a hefty pause from the game.

I always roleplayed into the LRP server too when there was no MRP server, so I absolutely feel why Jobot is proposing a whitelist, but I totally disagree with this kind of cure. This would work if our minimum population would be around 30, but the harsh reality is that our minimum population is more around 10 than 30. And even then, I would wait until we have a stable population of 50 before doing a whitelist. I know that we are speaking of a very simple and swift passage and for sure all of us we’ll do it, but the problem is exactly that.

All of US.

The ones who already play there. New people probably won’t lose their time applying for a whitelist, even a very simple one, when they haven’t tried the server beforehand. It may be a lazy attitude, and probably it is, but to be honest, it’s human and if we weren’t already playing there maybe some of us would do the same if faced with an entry barrier.

So which is the right cure for me?

It’s very simple. But first, let’s try to understand better the problem. For me what’s wrong wih Jobot’s analysis is that it starts from a wrongful assumption

I’ve been told a lot that it’s just because admins won’t do their job, and maybe that’s true to an extent, but you can’t expect them to be able to ban a constant influx of shitlers.

I mean for sure you should not expect admins to be online h24 and be ban happy with anyone who breaks the rules, at all times. As you said yourself :slight_smile:

But from my experience, I can assure you that they are very active, even proactive.

The problem lies within us. The player base. I don’t think the admins ever complained, even in their private channels, about being literally submerged by MRP ahelps.

So the solution for me should simply be to start ahelping not only blatant griefers but even people who very much breaks the roleplaying nature of the server. Then we would see the kind of improvement we all wish for.

If the captain starts just saying nigge* all around if the HOS doesn’t even know how to spell spacelaw and the likes of it if the roboticist starts screaming gundam and starts destroying doors but not wounding people, still ahelp them.

I’m sure the admins will gladly take their time to try to reach to these players and tell them what they are doing wrong.

And amidst the bans, most probably of permanent nature, in regard of griefers and the reprimands to the most… uncaring players, I’m sure new beautiful roleplayers will be born and the ones who aren’t interested will simply move on, return to the LRP environment or simply get banned.

I get from what this proposition comes from but I quite disagree with its cure. There is a slim chance it will go well and a lot more chances it won’t.

The problem with this is that if it won’t work it will kill the server.

Something that I would very much prefer not to see.


This. When I’m adminning Sage, I get hardly any ahelps, especially about greytiders. In fact, I can’t remember a single ticket (the admin name for an ahelp + the PMs exchanged about the ahelp) about greytiders, and they’re hard to spot unless you happen to see them doing it. Compare the number of tickets answered by me (mostly on LRP) and Baldir (Mostly on MRP). 220 ish vs 67. And there are usually more admins on LRP.

TL;DR ahelp tiders more please so I can delete their kneecaps for you.


What if, you guys just got more robust, played sec and solved the greytider problem by unionising instead of doing a bigger solution that requires more work

I look at it like this, I’m very squeamish when asking for help anytime I ahelp I always feel uncomfortable because I think I’m just wasting their time so I only do it if it’s major or if I think it’s major. And if I were to ahelp everytime I saw a greytide breaking in somewhere I would be ahelping every couple minutes
The main reason why a whitelist is good is mostly the reputation bee has “bee’s the LRP server” people expect that and they will always do that
Anyone who sees saga on the server list will just think “yep, that’s bee, so it’s LRP no matter what the thing says” with a whitelist they can be on LRP and treat it like LRP if they want to play MRP they go through an extra step just that one added step to getting in would go a long way and would be a better solution than just “help admin this person just said “lol I just killed valid” in chat” or “AAAAAH this person is named “CBT 5000” ban they because that’s not a roleplay friendly name” and making the admins go out of their way just to ban someone for that
This will not get rid of them all the way but at least we’ll have a sort of blocker

It’s simple. Deny ALL. NEW. PLAYERS. ON. MRP. Theres a reason servers close for a while every now and again. Taking on new players 24/7 is not always viable, especially for MRP and HRP.
This would add a deterrent to new players and give a strong excuse to ban LRP players looking for a new stomping ground.
Good suggestion please add