A way to decrease post-round murderboning without outright banning it

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this is a suggestion for mrp

its quite simple

all it does is change roughly 3 things

  • round ends in 2 minutes instead of 1 and a half

  • murderboning is only allowed 30 seconds after round ends

  • all centcom shutters are open (besides maybe the one wich leads to ert room)

some other changes would be that the centcom customs office thing would have an item wich would give you centcom access (like the one in the mining conscription kit) on the outer desk so people can actually go in centcom

and possibly not allow murderboning when actually inside centcom (besides the shuttle and the area outside the shuttle)

it would be a simple thing that would allow a little bit of rp postround and still allow murderboning

robust people (this is only on mrp so its probably just a durand and an hos with half the armoury in his backpack) can still make spessman go sideways and people can actually like rp? that’s right do the thing no one ever does!

Yeah this is a pretty shit idea after I do some thinking

cringe, round is over stop rping after the round ends


i just want a bit of postround rp, there still would be the ooga booga murder but some people can like, you know rp on mrp

bruh its 30 seconds of rp

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its 30 seconds of peace but it can be 2 minutes of rp, the 30 seconds is just so people can get out of the danger zone

Beating the absolute shit out of each other at roundend is a well established and liked tradition which is going absolutely nowhere.


people will still beat the absolute shit out of eachother, its just some people wont, tough i understand why some people wouldnt like it



wow someone who wants a bit of rp plays on mrp big surprise

It’s almost like I end up wanting to murder the entire fucking crew by the end of the round


m e d i u m rp not hrp, go play skyrat lmao

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if you dont want to die after the round ends go play CM