A very intellectual discussion about TheLegend27 calling someone a vase in an admin app

This is to not clog an admin app with discussions about Latin sentence structure and the meaning of the word “fictilis”.

Simple Latin sentences have no word order, but the convention is Subject-Object-Verb. There are also specific orders for particular grammatical constructs.

“Fictilis” means “earthen”, “an earthen vessel” or “made of clay”. Thus “Teoman is a vase” is just as valid a translation as “Teoman is a brick”.

Please continue this very serious and extremely intellectual discussion below.


@TeomanTheGreat_Phil @TheLegend27 join this extremely important discussion, the fate of bee lies in your hands.

What you need?

It could also be “Teoman is a plate” since clay can also be used for plates

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@TheLegend27 est stultus :sunglasses:

You see, him calling them an inanimate object shows that they were trying to avoid feeling that they were a human so they could ignore them, this shows that they were trying to dehumanize him and shame him.


Imagine shaming people on the internet

You see, him calling them “earthly” can make a reference to the existence of dirt, which is very abundant and useless which shows that they wanted to create the emotions of lonelyness and that they would never be useful.

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@TeomanTheGreat_Phil tu mater est canis :flushed: et tu pater est non vir

@TheLegend27 est ignavus et nigreos

I’m not sure if this is proper grammar google translate is shit with Latin so I can’t check

Tu est porcus deformis
Also the grammar seems to be good from what I can tell

Te duo habeo sionem in calvariam :flushed:

Tu est multus gay

Edit: the word gay is gay in latin based

All gay words are gay retard

No I mean gay in latin IS gay as in the spelling

Tu est magno sarmenta

Nice roast I love being a branch

Ambo sunt mures


Google said it meant faggot cut me a break I don’t have a dictionary on hand

learn latin ez problem solved