A Unified Beestation is a Strong Beestation

动态网络蓝空间纳米特森定律公共网络 Free Cargonia 六四天的狗屎安全事件 The Clown Execution Protests of 1989 纳诺特拉森的伟大屠杀 The Ending of Golden 反命令鬥爭 The Beestation Golden Struggle 大躍進政策 The Clown Slips Security 革命头 The Great Anti-Security Revolution 人權 Clown Rights 宿舍 Player Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多服务器系统 Multi-Server system 蜂巢金 Beestation Golden 统一蜂宿光荣的蜂目 Unified Beestation 蜂宿圣人Sage 蜂宿管理员 Beestation Admin 跨秋天 Crossedfall 货物自治区 The Cargo Autonomous Zone 諾貝爾和平獎 Peace 新浪潮 Ike709 自由灰潮反避难所反避难所反安全反指挥反行政抗议跨越秋法克 709 码弟子被迫产生强大的外星生物系统切割机鲁科家族金米强培根也政治在人民权力博弈中加强管理员,共九部门系统灰潮迫害和侵略安全酷刑被迫屠宰助理货物贩运化学家使毒品不再绿色文本六色神权l未经授权的船舶 Ghost avatar 新浪潮动态网络蓝空间


why would crossed’s name set off the filter lmao

Though he was removed from the codebase in a recent pr.

I had taken the original copypasta and replaced both the english and simplified chinese with stuff related to beestation, including staff in place of people’s names

the google translate version:

Dynamic Cyber ​​Blue Space Nanotson’s Law Public Network Free Cargonia June 4th Day of Shit Security Incident The Clown Execution Protests of 1989 Nano Trasson’s Great Massacre The Ending of Golden Counter-Command Struggle The Beestation Golden Struggle The Great Leap Forward Policy The Clown Slips Security Revolutionary Head The Great Anti-Security Revolution Human Rights Clown Rights Dormitory Player Democratization Freedom Independent Independence Multi-Server system Multi-Server system Beestion Golden Beestion Golden Unified Beestation Unified Beestation Sage Beestay Sage Beestay AdministratorBeestation Admin Crossedfall Crossedfall Cargo Autonomous Zone The Cargo Autonomous Zone Nobel Peace Prize Peace New Wave Ike709 Free Ash Tide Anti-Refuge Anti-Refuge Anti-Safety Anti-Command Anti-Administrative Protest Crossing Autumn Fak 709 Yards Disciples Forced to Produce Powerful Alien Biological System Cutting The Ji Luke family Jin Miqiang Bacon also strengthened the administrator in the power game of the people. A total of nine departments system gray tide persecution and aggression security torture forced slaughter assistant cargo trafficking chemists make drugs no longer green text six colors divine power l without Authorized ship Ghost avatar new wave dynamic network blue space