i have a terrible idea. MIXED traitors. and i don’t mean dynamic + i mean

  • ling bloodbrothers
  • heretic incursion team
  • WIZARD ops

basically we split all traitors in 2 categores : the traitor KIT and the scenario
and we mix and match endlessly

by kits i mean the set of tools a traitor gets
and the scenario will be the greentext contition

kits and scenarios will be grouped in strenght and difficulty groups respectively
baseline strenght kits

  • traitor - 20tc syndicate pda
  • heretic - heretic
  • bloodbrother - spawn 2 for the price of 1
  • ling - ling
  • blood cultist - blood magic exept the communication,convert rune,disaster rune,summon Nar’sie.
  • clock cultist - cogging, cog magic exept the build menu and no city of cogs

medium strenght kits

  • head revs - as they can make themselves an army

high strenght kits

  • nuke op - 10mm + knife + chamelion kit + a larger (proportional to player pop) TC number
  • wizard - magic

baseline difficulty scenarios - traitors of higher strenght will spawn with harder tasks for balancing, revs are banned

  • bloodbrothers - spawn 2 traitors of the same traitor kit. demand they survive both,
    due to the fact that bloodbrothers ≈ other baseline traitors : if not bloodbrother => add a task and then add even more if the strenght of the kit is medium or high
  • traitor - default obj. + escape on the shuttle
  • IAA - pick a random kit for every traitor on the murder chain (of ONLY baseline strenght)
  • (midround) pirate incursion - the only midround scenario i can think of that is not surgically ingraned in a specific traitor type (imagine lings knocking on your door demanding your shit)
  • syndicate incursion - high tier objectives and syndie comms

midline difficulty scenarios - traitors of higher strenght will spawn in lower numbers
Romerol banned in syndieuplink

  • blood cult - give the traitor kit cultspeech, conversion rune,disaster rune,Nar’sie summon. proceed
    with usual traitor shenanigans
  • clock cult - spawn in city of cogs (no ID no crewmanifest): give cogging, teleport, construction tab
  • fugitives - deserted in maintenance with no ID nor on crew manifest, gear is traitor kit dependant,
    size is kit strenght dependant
  • hunters - spawn as usual hunters , gear is traitor kit dependant , size is kit strenght dependant

highline difficulty scenarios - lower tier traitors spawn in HIGH numbers

  • revolution - kill all heads (flash not included)
  • NUKE ops - steal the disk nuke the base , declaring war gives you even more players (if the kit has TC’s it gives more TC’s instead)
    (heretics excluded for their own good, traitors excluded due to the power of multiplication)


  • bloodbrother lings - spawn 2 lings an extra objective demand they both survive
  • blood cult nuke ops - get the number of nukies you would get from the server pop and then multiply that by the comperative weakness of the cultists, no TC’s or convert runes only blood magic
  • traitor cult - traitor number = what you would get in a standard cult as per pop numbers,
    traitors start with 20TC uplink, cultspeech, conversion rune, disaster rune, Nar’sie summon
  • clock cult traitor - 1 clockie does 2 tasks
  • heretic revolution - spawn a large number of heretics with the joint objective of killing all heads
    no flashes only magic

i regret nothing


Wall of shame material.

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this is a terrible idea +1

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stealth merge when? +1

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Jesus christ how horrifying. Speedmerge. +1

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No one will ever be able to guess which game mode it is now +1

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wait i have been ling traitor and wizard changeling… and ling bb. you just gotta roll 2 antags at once its very based. or be a bad guy and roll die of fate

The crapola tier ideas thread is that way ----->

I got a better idea all antags into one antag