A small question

Am i a bit too dumb lately? I did cause some troubles lately, but i’d wish to know opinions of others. I play as Maurice Apate and Gro-Goroth.

Post a pic of your character, too many Maurice’s i cant remember

I just remember you from the other day where you grew death nettles as a botanist

kinda cringe or based, depending on who you ask

I always see you in Botany and I think we worked together at one point? I always see your name and never remember what you do.

BeeStation Sage - Roleplay_ Rogue Station Mike 04.09.2021 10_40_40
This is Maurice.

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After long time, i wonder what peeps think of me.

i have nothign negative to say abotu you so good good

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You were always very quiet, maybe around me personally or people you don’t know?

Never got to observe you for that reason.

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I like Maurice, its too bad I don’t get to see them too often - we always seem to exist on opposite sides of the station.


I keep my distance from you because of the xenobiology snake incident :disappointed:

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A nice character, makes nice gimmicks but have sadly bad luck but that’s out of your control really