A recent report made me realize

Silicons wouldn’t have half as bad of a rep as they do if the slaved borgs actually deferred to the AI as they are supposed to.

Also if people didn’t randomly unslave borgs sometimes.


Jokes on you I still don’t fully know how to play silicon in general, and I usually am in robotics

Cyborg mains literally salivate over every opportunity of being able to hunt a valid, literally every single time there’s a xeno queen every cyborg on the station stops whatever they’re doing the millisecond someone reports a xeno so they can group up as the ultimate xeno killsquad.


It’s funny because a single tackle annihilates them, i’d say the most eager ones are the Engi borgs that get a NEURON ACTIVATION moment and rush to get a plasma tank awaiting to find the nest

True, sadly that relies on players having to ask the AI for clarification. Granted I haven’t played in a few months but I rarely saw anyone else (beside me) put in that effort

But that’s how Ai and silicons should be.
they are bounded by their laws and their laws are flawed on purpose.
they are meant in design to look for the loopholes and use them.


Sillicons should always validhunt on every possible occasion, hunt and disable the antag no matter what it is or what it is trying to do?

I don’t think that’s healthy for RP. Antag players are already pissed scare of getting out of their comfort zone, validhunters certainly do not help one bit.

The rules disagree with you.

but guys I have to prevent human harm :pleading_face:

guys we have to prevent human harm by plasmaflooding the maintenance corridors! It’ll help kill xenos! Also keep emergency maints activated!

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I’ve had disobedient or ignorant borgs as AI before.

Lockdown and a stern talk usually sets them straight


You were just like me trying to make history

Well using loophole in the laws is fine, as long as it make things more interesting, and it said dont do it 24/7 not dont do it at all. Ie, cucking the antag subverting you because they didnt word it properly and because they were sealclubbing sec less station (Or being dick in general). Or the otherway around, not fussing about the law and help antag because they have genuinely fun plan. As long you pick an intepretation and stick with it.

Yes weldering the ipc to death was human harm prevention, they had an emag.

…what do you mean ‘toy’

What do you mean where on crewsimov


Oh boi those types are the one that will go for you the instant theyre subverted

Assuming sillycon players have braincells to dedicate to anything beyond whacking balids. Classic mistake.

Nah this is entirely on sillycon players largely being rule sanctioned fun-police. They can be an annoying asshole that has little you can do to stop it. Reports don’t help because them being an annoying asshole round after round is fine, because people are law 2ing them into doing shit so not doing it is a rulebreak. I’d completely support getting rid of them roundstart, if not altogether.

Honestly I don’t see bad Silicon behavior that often. Borgs are usually worse than the AI when it comes to valid bashing. I think the current issue isnt a rules thing, and it isnt a silicon bad thing. Its a player thing. We have several silicon players, and some of them just don’t do it in good faith.

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This was key to the realization that birthed this thread. Cyborg mains are usually (but not always) much worse about this.


Clear solution is to remove all cyborgs


dont remove borgs

we should remove silicons
my reason? i wanna read salt threads on the forums more