A quick guide on how to change AI laws as Captain (or with Captain's access)

Too many times I’ve seen Captain, or acting Captain or some rando with stolen AA get fucked by the turrets. It’s not even funny anymore.

  1. You need upload and APC access, command remote (optional, if AI is smart and bolted the door), screwdriver and wirecutters.
  2. Disable the camera overseeing the turret controls.
  3. Disable the turrets.
  4. Go in. If bolted, unbolt with remote.
  5. Disable camera in the upload.
  6. If APC is depowered, turn it back on.
  7. Upload the laws you wanted.
  8. Fix the cameras.

Bonus points:

  1. (Assuming Asimov/Crewsimov) Don’t tell AI you are going to dehuman someone, that is telling it you intend to violate its Law 1 and make it so it must try to stop you.
  2. (Assuming Asimov/Crewsimov) If asked, lie that you want to restrict its Law 2 where rulebreakers are concerned. That’s a good idea anyway, have it as Law 5 (subversion of the chain of command will inevitably cause human harm) right after dehumanizing all who will stand against you. Or all enemies of NTN, whichever you prefer.
  3. Have a trusted spessman stand guard with a flash to keep the pesky borgs away.

There. Easy. Quick. No electrocution. And will also make AI think you aren’t a total imbecile which would make it much more cooperative.

Instructions misread. Now ERPing in AI upload.

Would still be funnier than yet another
“AI, T-T-T-U-U-U-U-R-R-R-R-E-E-E-E-T-T-T-T-S-S-S O-O-O-O-F-F-F”
I am sorry Dave. I am afraid I can’t do that.

EDIT: Oh god. I just imagined the interaction between switching the styles of a labcoat and lack of jumpsuit.

That’s why as ai you open the turret control and leave the page open in a corner of the screen

Yes, that would complicate matters. If the AI indeed did that. Most of the times though they don’t do that.

However, when it does do that and asks what you’re doing, there are bonus points 1 and 2.

Just tell it you gonna make it so it does not have to obey confirmed traitors. Should work most of the times.

If it doesn’t, get the Ion. Time to purge some silicons.

one poorly worded sentence and the AI will refuse to even let you near upload for the rest of the round tho.
AIs are worse then genies in that regard