A new whitelisted job in the service department. "Teacher"

Yeah you can say, there are Mentors. Which i am one of, and i try my best to help when i can. But one thing i have noticed through my 1.3k ish hours is that a lot of new people or people who perhaps aren’t new but got questions, minor or big ones usually don’t Mentorhelp them.

You have so many clueless people around often, either shy or don’t know how to ask for help. And i figured with a new job, that is whitelisted with the entire idea of helping people it would be pretty good. It helps to encourage more roleplay, people learning and good things happening in general. If people knew they could PDA someone specific and ask for help. They would probably be a lot more inclined to do so.

The idea to have a job where you can teach people in the rounds itself, able to spend your rounds dedicated purely to help would be a benefit to everyone. You can show people what they want to know, introduce them to new things and unique tips and tricks.

And to whitelist the job, get only known helpful people on the list so they can do it. And you will have a more fun round for new / shy people in general.

For whatever reason lately it has only been increasing where no matter what i do. People very often go “How do you do that? Can you help me? Show me how these 20 different things work please” to the point i sometimes just quit whatever i was doing purely to help them. At this point, i would much rather just play a dedicated job like what i described so i can fully help someone, no matter the department.

  • This idea might contain some flaws that i can’t see yet. But the general idea is hopefully a good thing.

TLDR; If people dont mhelp something, they probably arent going to PDA the teacher for an answer, i think heads are better suited for this seeing as you can just walk up to them and ask if you really dont want to mhelp. I feel like it’s a cool idea, ultimately would just be a glorified assistant :pensive:

ah yes mentor without mentor powers and is just a cosplaying assistant

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The idea is for it to be whitelisted making it a more wanted role. Can’t be a traitor, more general access. A job whitelisted literally just to help people.

God knows most people who play heads do absolutely give no fucks whatsoever about new people or others asking for help. Always a “I am busy, ask someone else”

I mean we dont exactly have any powers per say…besides our private OOC.

you dare defy the power of memetors and metacomming? HM?

I mean…that is literally what our private OOC channel is for. XD

I will neither confirm nor deny the felind dominated erp/metacom chat

I spend my nights on Golden with Ivan.

Your denial is not accepted.

Also RandyL, i really dont think this is a good idea honestly. Because its just a IC form of Mentorship. Its unnecessary.

I remember when CM added the SEA as a way of teaching new players.

You know why the position no longer exists? Because it was this idea. Implemented greatly. But ultimately useless.

Just make it so mentors can only be this role. It should allow us to be more hands on if we choose to.

Literally play heads of the staff or just go around and help people.

Honestly this seems like it should be rolled into the curator to give the curator something to actually do besides grief people with a whip or fuck off and explore space.

this still doesn’t give curator something to do as it is a fluff rp role (and we all know how much rp happens on mrp), and they can already do this if they really want to as nothing is stopping them.

It would in the end just be a extra job slot people can pick to help out people. I would figure something more dedicated IC from a group of people that are actually willing to actively spend their round helping around would be beneficial for newer people and others looking for help.

maybe not a role slot but, if it doesnt exist already, mentors should be able to “manifest” to help a player in a more hands-on fashion

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