A list of TC trades to question admins avout

Reply to this post with gimmicks that require tc trades that you want to try but want to know if admins would approve of and help with

Some general guidelines:

  • if it would result in unfun murderbone, probably not
  • if it would be extremely unbalanced, probably not
  • you have to kinda know what you want before asking. You don’t go to a restaurant and ask for “some food”

I wanna start as barber tator and ask gods for shadow walk and brainwashing disk with obj to brainwash everyone

Or blood walk and energy axe with objective to take limbs as trophies while leaving victims alive

I would love to have to collect like hand tele and kitchen knife with a blue space power cell to be allowed to have energy katana

I would say no to bloodwalk because it turns you into a more powerful slaughter demon if you invest minimal effort into gearing up. Slaugher demon can’t use machines or tools, after all.

More like your victims robust you and you lose both the TC ad gimmick items.



The difference is I would get banned for murderbone. It’s one of those things where I’d only do it if I trusted the person I was giving power too

If trust is betrayed the offender can always be gibbed. Bloodwalk is too powerful to be given to anyone who would engage in combat with the crew. It’s just not fun fighting against it when the guy in question can also use items.

Is that popular admin consensus? I ask just because blood crawl is the most commonly mentioned tc trade

20tc felinid disease. I got this as a barber once, shot the HoS in the halls. Pretty soon, science was on lockdown and everyone had the disease.

I remember doing an antag swap than tc trade with Holland for felinid disease one time on lrp, shit was hilarious.

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@Naevi did the felinid disease yesterday on MRP as well. Oh god the pain, I didn’t even realise it eventually turns you into a felinid too.

A TC trade an ex-admin used to do is offering to make you special “Solid Snake” antag. You’d be made into a nukie with the only equipment being given is a CQC manual and a stimpack to go along with the agent ID, nukie clothes and no TC. Kicker is: you’d also be made into a pacifist (i.e. you wouldn’t be able to use most of the CQC moves) before being podded onto the station.

Your objective would be to deal the nuke disk totally nonlethally, and if your syndie mask is ever removed then you’d be remotely exploded. Like Contractor Kit, a hard mode for when you feel like an extra challenge as traitor.

This admin also gave additional objectives like stealing Ian and having them be podded off the station at a drop-off point, but the core was always being a pacifist nukie.

Solo Nar’sian Cultist. Like being a blood cult, having all it’s powers, but there is objective against converting people and summoning Nar’sie.

Pacifist felinid rolls traitor with die glorious death objective.
what did i do ?
exchanged my tcs for felinid disease, spreaded it around and got sure people won’t get cured.
Surprisingly enough i didn’t get lynched for spreading this shit, nor for burning down botany with the only cure on the station.


My targets most likely killed themselves like a lot of people did.
And also thanks to random person who bombed shuttle brig and allowed me to die while i was cuffed.


Very cool, succesfully made life of 70 people a pain.


oh like when u order a dish and your waiter says “lemme go discuss this with the chefs” and then you wait for four days

Got me there! Headmins do be slow in our advance age.

wow! i never noticed how bright your spirit is!

The miner probably did what miners do. Died without even realising there was something wrong on the station.


nah, they were infected too, i got sure about that. But then he just disapeared.|

Perhaps died in lavaland