A Holoparasites User’s guide to Holoparasites (Outdated)

So you wanna be a fucking weeb, fine. Pick that damn holoparasite injector and fulfill your destiny

But first

You gotta select what type you want

There are multiple types to choose from, each with their own unique ability which can be used to help decimate your opponents in combat.

Use this link to see the holoparasites and their abilities

Holoparasite List

What I am here to talk about is how to optimize your holoparasites and potentially teaching new players to be powerful holoparasites.

Let’s say you get a new player who has never been a holoparasite before.

Well you are in luck, you have a chance to reroll your holoparasite in the guardians tab which will allow for another player to be your holoparasite (even though it kinda violates the spirit of this being a server for beginners)

did you roll another new player who is new to being a holoparasite?

Well fuck you I guess.

Time to teach this person how to be a holoparasite!

What you will have to teach this player is to quickly check the guardian tab to see what type it is. Allowing the new player to see it’s abilities and how to use them.

Then you must teach them:

  • Your plan of attack

And what they must do to make sure it goes smoothly

  • When they should manifest themselves to help you

And how they must react in things like you getting attacked and code phrases to manifest themselves to aid you in battle.

This is the basics you need to know to teaching a new holoparasite

On another note,

Did you get lucky and get an experienced Holoparasite?

Well lucky you, they will likely give you hints and tips on how to use them

But you can take it even further by knowing the ins and outs of each holoparasite type and how to use them successfully.


  • Can break through walls, but not reinforced walls. Use this ability to have them surprise your target by bursting out of a wall to kill your target while you hide behind the wall. So that you don’t get outted
  • They can set what they scream when they attack. Having them do an emote like “*flip” or “*spin” will make them say nothing, which makes the holoparasite a lil more stealthy compared to screaming fucker with each punch


  • Let your holoparasite go into stealth and sneak up on your target while you see them just one block away, just let your assassin work independently as it finds its way to your target.
  • Once it becomes uncovered after a stealth attack, make sure to never move too far away or too close, so that it doesn’t rebound back to you when you move to far or out you as the user. Once it can be recalled, do so but never leave the scene of the crime to early.


  • Kinda trash if your target is anything other than a disabled assistant
  • Only good thing about it is it’s cool name


  • If you got an experienced holoparasite, just watch them do their shit and bask in the glory of them fucking the entire station while you watch.
  • Good for disarming other traitors of their traitor loot, have them charge at people equipped with ranged weaponry instead of dragging you away when you get stunned or soft critted.


  • You just chose the simplest holoparasite that anyone can use, even new players. Since the ability is easy to use and can take down most targets pretty easily
  • There are a multitude of things you can have them arm to explode, having great bait like insulated gloves, suspicious lockers and tator loot is good. You can also drag the things you armed but not pick them up.


  • Can be used to quickly relocate everyone in 5x5 tile radius, can only be used to push things and not pull things towards it. Make sure you aren’t being pushed into a wall but your pursuers are, which will give them a soft stun when they hit the wall.
  • Each attack from the holopara deals 15-30ish stamina damage with each hit, which at first slows your target down until it stuns them, allowing for an easy kill


  • A holoparasite that is made more for non stealth approach. When the holoparasite manifests it creates a chain of lightning which is connected to you, so you want to get your targets between you and the holoparasite to quickly apply burn damage while both of you attack the target.
  • When you use this holoparasite, prepare to go loud quickly.


  • A good all rounder holoparasite, which can heal you in crit instead of just fighting till you die.
  • The main point of this holoparasite is that it can fucking yeet people across the map (Doesn’t transport across Z levels) with a simple alt click. So if your target doesn’t have the equipment to space walk you can place a bluespace beacon in space, and laugh as you imagine their struggle to leave space never to return to the station.

(General) Tips and Tricks?

  • With some cooperation, and good button mashing. You can recall your holoparasite while they press manifest just as quick to allow them to appear right next to you to take ranged fire for you, which allows them to take the damage from weapons instead of you. This can also be used to surprise those in melee range as the holo 4 tiles away from them is now in front of them.
  • Chameleon kit is the best possible purchase to get after you purchase the holoparasite, since getting caught with the holoparasite is quite common. Even with experienced and new holoparasites.
  • Is it IAA? Then quickly stalk your target and wait for them to stop moving, it is likely they are unlocking their PDA. Kill them quickly to get another holoparasite injector (even though you can only use one)
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chaos is incredibly good because everyone is retarded but non retards will rape your ass

Is the Wizard’s Dextrous Stand still a thing? I played as one before, using my storage unit and hands to spam a healing rod as the three other Stands raised hell.

Haven’t seen anything that said it’s removed, so it’s likely still in.

It’s still in, I just didn’t include all holoparasites since these tips are based on which I’ve used so far

Which would you rate higher, charger or gravity holopara? I would probably instantly go with gravity, since it’s basically an AoE version of charge, (lets be honest, there are very few places where it won’t knock some one into a wall) but the stamina damage thing puts me off a bit, since the holoparasite can’t really kill on it’s own (I mean, it could slam them into a wall repeatedly, but that would take a while).

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Depends on the situation, with walls and tight spaces or maybe going against a group, going with gravitokinetic

When chasing your target, and generally wrecking someone’s day, gotta go with Charger.

The holoparasites are balanced to best be suited with your play style, that’s why you gotta mix em up and not really rate them because you may need a holo for this and a holo for that.

gets holopara
holopara manifests infront of 4 people within the first 3 minutes of its existance

Lol. You could play it off if you’re a miner or chaplain, but otherwise, have fun with that.

be a miner get tarot… do contracts get two holoparas… and a reinforcement… be an army of two dozen
"menacing" Bonus points if you have memento mori

Sadly, you can only have one holoparasite.
You can have multiple guardians depending on the circumstance tho.

tarot and holopara are same then?

Not the same, they just fall under the same guardian category and not the subcategories of holoparasites and tarot cards

You can definitely have a total of four
1 random tarot card
1 wizard tarot
1 fish stick
1 holoparasites
For a total of four guardians, the circumstances are very fucking slim

Gerald says you can have four wizard tarot holoparasites (he claims to have had a dexterous, ranged, lightning, and standard holopara all in one wizard).

Bruh, I rarely get wizard. But that is likely true. I am talking more about a round of dynamic and you are a very fortunate greytider

It’s possible. I was a dextrous stand, and there was also a ranged stand, a chaos stand, and a standard stand.

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Anyway, this guide is now outdated due to the new system.

We may have a roll back though, because we no longer have [redacted] to upkeep the code