A guide to becoming a ghetto changeling


So, you want to become a changeling, yet you aren’t and don’t have the abilities of one? This guid will prove useful on how to replicate changeling abilities. (Ghetto)

The stings: You can either use a syringe gun or sleepy pen emptied
Transformation: Use a dna syringe on somebody
Cyrogenic: Frost oil in a syringe gun
Mute: Mute toxin
Blind: Histamine for eye damage
Hallucination: Mindbreaker toxin
False armblade: Trick someone into getting a dark blessing/ Slime boneblade

Changeling combat abilities:
Armblade: Attach a chainsaw to your arm, or if illegal tech is researched, get a retractable, plasteel armblade.

Dissonant shriek: Emp grenade, set timer to instant

Ressonat shriek: Flash powder grenade, flashes in a radius, be sure to wear eye protection!

Adrenaline sacs: Meth and mannitol pill, dental cavity implant surgery so you can pop it at any time

Strained muscles: Same as above, meth and mannitol.

Tentacle: Outa luck kid, good thing this is a shitty ability to begin with

Biodegrade: Get ligament hook surgery and autonomy from genetics, make a limb pop off if it is an arm, your free! You can reattach the arm back with ligament hook

Chitinous armor: Cornu Cutaneum with threshold met or necropolis seed for extra damage resistance

Gaseous pores: Sulfonal smoke Or leroxin smoke

Deception abilities:
Digital camouflage: CUT ALL CAMERAS IN SIGHT!!

chameleon skin: Genetics, nuff said

Mimic voice: Voice change virus.

Augmented eyesight: Sunglasses, xray eyes, and night vision goggles, put on goggles
when not about to get attacked, sunglasses on when attacked.

Lesser form: Monkey syringe from genetics

Utility abilities:
Fleshmend: Superficial healing from virology, or use nanites.

Regenerate: Stage speed 12 pitulary disruption, Use organic flux induction to offset the cell damage, and the emps act as a dissonant shriek, woohoo!

Organic space suit: Self resp and space adaption.
anatomic panacea: Mind restoration 9 resistance threshold, or brain healing nanites, followed up by a penetic acid and mutadone mix

Pheromone receptors: Hope the person you are tracking has their suit sensors maxed, and use the device to track them.

Spread infestation: Use gold slime extracts, inject with blood, or plasma with the crossbreed that makes simplemobs friendly to you, Pray to rngesus for spiders , Sentience potion the spiders.

Hivemind link: Stargazer slimeperson,

Default abilities

Reviving stasis: Regen coma, or defib nanites.

Transform: Genetics syringe

Extract DNA: Put someone in genetics, save their UI

last resort: Be a slime person that can split in different bodies, when you die, boom! in a new body.

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Holy shit, someone that appreciates Sulfonal instead of dismissing it for being slow

Curators /Captain’s whip works as a subsitute

I will rip you apart

morphine requires 30 units, sulfonal only requires 2 units

what about fighting an actual changeling

Hey, this is a guide on how to become a changeling yourself, but you aren’t so you improvise

I mean beating a changeling in their own game.