A double check on every discord ban

I call for the current way of discord bans to be changed

Currently it seems to be a admin can just say someone posted nsfw and they are banned

I call for a 2 admin check list, someone posts nsfw and admin takes a SS then posts it in there secret chat they agree and then they are banned

As 3 of us was banned for nsfw and another for saying n word, n word isn’t against discord rules? And I deny I posted nsfw yet I was banned and a 2 step ban system would prevent this


Should be under suggestions

Just don’t post nsfw retard

I didn’t, hence how this whole situation came about
I didn’t post any nsfw nor did I post some weebo shit

You’re banned

so you posted nsfw

I assume you was dropped on your head as a baby and can’t read
I’m not banned

I bet you would make for a great judge “Well they brought you to the court so you must obviously be guilty”

This is why nobody takes you catfuckers seriously

You are correct
Wilchen demoted by popular vote
Wilchen bitter

Truly, a based and redpilled moment
No nonhumans as head roles if I get council mark my words

for real?11111111111111111111