A discussion about Space Dragons

Making this thread in response to a salt-mines discussion about someone wordlessly going out of their way to kill everyone helpless while avoiding the people who were armed.

Text shown to space dragons when they spawn, for context.

Space dragons are omitted from Escalation Policy so it is not 100% clear whether they should be allowed to murderbone or not, but I don’t think it’s too farfetched to say they probably should be allowed to do what they wish for the most part.

I’ve made it a point before that I don’t think murder, even wild murderbone is inherently bad or unfun for the game, but rather that a lack of RP surrounding it that makes it so despised.

So onto the point of the thread: what makes facing a space dragon fun, what makes playing as one fun, and how can the experience potentially be improved for both sides?


You will hate to hear it, but literally just port what /tg/station did.

Dragon has been nerfed in a few aspects, and when it attacks a dead body, it no longer gibs it, but the dragon eats it, and the dead body can be recovered when the dragon is killed.

Dragon creates portals which can summon forth ghost-controlled space carp with a cooldown. He has to defend the portal for a set amount of time, after which the portal turns gold and indestructible. If he repeats that three times, the dragon gains a massive powerboost and the shuttle gets autocalled. Pretty sure the cooldown on spacecarp ghost spawning is removed too when he “wins.”

Currently, dragon is just… a large, dangerous mob that kills people and breaks walls with a click. If you die, you also get gibbed. If the dragon isnt incompetent, a shuttle call is pretty much guaranteed.


From what i recall it get’s tiresome to fight an experienced drake player because they’re smart enough to not be in hallways and abuse the fact that they can heal by retreating constanly into viro-xeno to eat slimes and monke for free health

In the correct hands a drake is very powerful, deadly and round-removal fella

I support the idea of porting over /tg/ dragon since it gives the dead players a chance to come back or help the dragon as well giving drake some better strats other than funny click wall, fire, tail, gib, retreat to space, eat monke for health, repeat

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I can certainly agree with that, TG’s space dragon looks a lot more sophisticated (They’re bribing me with carps and magic). As for playing as one on Bee, I’ve had the most fun doing a gimmick where depending on what head of staff I’m assigned to kill, I take over their respective department for my own. Usually conflict generates naturally from that and it turns to chaos but it is nice to have motivations other than just “I exist so I must kill!!!”, sometimes it feels like people forget space dragons can talk.


And let’s not forget atmos related shenanigans. They’re immune to fire so…

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what makes facing a space dragon fun, what makes playing as one fun, and how can the experience potentially be improved for both sides?

Honestly? I never really got to fight a Dragon in any capacity. Because it’s a glass cannon, my experience with it has been either Security or a powergamer or borgs instantly rushing and killing it, or alternatively running in one by one to get gibbed after which the dragon just kills everyone and destroys everything.

Before the Salt Mines discussion I even forgot that they’re able to talk since I’ve never seen one do it before or if it did it was something inconsequential.


Bahaha that reminds me that a personal favorite thing to see back when we had monstermos was whenever a space dragon got YEETED to space 50 tiles every time they broke an entrance, good times


I did see a dragon actually rp the other day while observing. Roosting in the kitchen, having baby carps, talking to people, it was actually pretty fun!


What a precious moment, cherish it always!


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