A dark era befells Beestation

The four horsemen of furpocalipse.



Only biting sounds like a funny, somewhat reasonable interaction, but the rest of it …

  1. Collar Grab sounds like something straight out of citadel. Considering the person making the PR was also making epic forum posts about force dressing collars to felinds, and making people speak UwU talk in discord… i am not safe and need an adult

  2. Cat tongue is literally a useless feature, that will only exist as a grief item. I can already see space fascists forcing it onto perma prisoners.

  3. Ipcs being infectable by felind virus is perhaps the worst thing out of all. I dont even play IPC and i am insulted. Thats not even funny, thats cringe.

I have never been so disappointed in a long time.


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The house always wins

Its only downhill when you remove curcuits…


i blame sophia alby and her ERP telecomms


…don’t care didn’t ask, there already was an unofficial bee erp server

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Asking for a friend

It’s a link on the discord, it’s hidden under Admin-ERP.
Accessible only by Catmins themselves…


You can still get access to it if you get a temporary ban for ‘bordering ERP’ on a felimain admin.

I made the IPC pr soley out of envy for they are spared during a horrendous onslaught of a disease most despicable

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You are an evil man with a demented mind Blue. I resent and loathe your PR.

:smile: That being said. This opens up new possibilities for extreme viruses for IPCs.

Also, if you dont mind. IPCs are unfortunately unable to use Nanites. While you are at it, could you perhaps make it so IPCs can use them so they experience the pain and suffering of forced UwU speak?

It’s only purpose is to move the saymod off the species itself and onto a seperate organ. You’re just completely misrepresenting it.

IPCs can use nanites if they get infected with Biometallic Replication virus.
Also, be very afraid. Zesko plans on making felinid virus a real symptom that is compatible with aforementioned Biometallic Replication.

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I shall become a god.

If you are inside a sealed suit (Like i seem to be 99% of the time because i play atmos tech…) then that doesnt matter.

Zesko will make you eat those words.

I know he will. :pensive:


Assistants gonna start using biological warfare on sec, intentionally infecting themselves with diseases before they get caught.


I’m not surprised
I see some patters in recent events, there’s a lot of positive PR around Golden and push to make Sage completely unfriendly and unplayable both on this forum and discord

Pretty sure Sage will be removed or at least limited to very low amount of people (maybe even whitelisted) just so Golden can blossom again, we will move backwards and come back to the state of Bee during Ssethtide, that will include take on ERP. Oh yes, it will formally be against rules but nobody will care. Apparently some of people currently running Bee are really nostalgic about those times, that would include turning a blind eye on people openly roleplaying rapes of their murder victims and playing soundtracks with all sort of erotic noises.
Its not really that far fetched. If recently repeated arguments about Sage being unnatural creation against what Bee players want cause people are breaking rules will be treated as valid then same logic will apply to ERP.