33606/Morgan Strange

In-game report:

CKEY: kapu1178

Your Discord: Kapu#1178

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Morgan Strange

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11/26/21

Round Number: 33606

Rules Broken: 1. You Must Roleplay

Incident Description: I rolled traitor and decided to do the classic “Point a gun at someone in public, monologue, and then kill them.” Schtick. It went… hilariously because bee gunplay feels like ass, but the bystanders were good sports and didn’t hunt le valid.

I end up killing Synergy after a brief verbal exchange in E.A.L, but get killed in the process. Thats fine, someone killed me in self defense. Synergy was quickly revived because I did it in the hall with a magnum. But then I was carried off to the detective’s office, left there for what felt like 20 minutes, , and eventually just borged by the HoS, Morgan Strange.

This is not acceptable roleplay behavior. I, am a player, and would like to be engaged with. Nobody knew anything about my motive, my PDA was closed and I merely possessed a firearm and EMAG. Yet I was left dead on the floor for a fifth of the round and then borged. That is not roleplay conduct.

Does spacelaw permit borging as a punishment for murder? Yes

Does that mean it should be the only thing you do? No.

Security should be expected to engage antags, especially antags that have not proven themselves to be destructive to the integrity of the station. The station was not facing any active threats that required the attention of the head of security.

Additional Information: **I do not really expect nor want administrative action against Morgan. I just want to get the message across this is not okay behavior on a roleplay server.


Hello hello HoS here, it’s a shame that you had to stay on Det office for more than 20 minutes, sadly i wasn’t part of the round by that time i was a late-arrived HoS that is indeed unnaceptable to happen

Here’s my PoV: When i first joined i was asking about what was going on, i get the usual traitor report, i head over to Cargo (Box) since i heard that there was some shooting and they were asking for help (apparently the yell for help was mostly about the lube-bomb since the shooting already was over) i see Cargo full of blood and Miriam carrying the body of two people alongside a LOT of bullets on two different tiles

When i asked who did it, they told me it was BENNY, i tell on comms to set him on arrest but detective told me he gunned him down long ago, at the moment i thought some time had happened since i saw all the stuff spread across the det office, while someone mentioned that benny had no oil/blood at all

I decided to ask Captain what to do and if borging was okay which they gave and then dropped benny at robotics and head over to some scream of help (At that point there were two other known traitors with cqc and carp running around kidnapping and causing mischief)

I’m sorry the detective handled you the way he did, i wasn’t there to prevent a proper prisioner handling, i arrived late and decided to prioritize on the two known traitors upon hearing it constantly (hacked sec comms, yells of help, kidnapping messages) that’s why i took the quick decission of borging, thinking that as a borg you’ll be able to assist the station, i did ask Cap permission and followed that basic standard, I hope you remember that already spoke one time about roleplay with B.E.N.N.Y and i still keep that in mind, i wouldn’t have let you sit on det office for 20 minutes if i was HoS from the start, i went with the best course of action to try to neutralize the current threat

funnily enough i have two reports to make on this same round that i’ll do later


Isn’t borging an alternative to execution, and as such, would require the consent of the prisonner on death row to be legally carried out instead?

Asking because I had that discussion as robo with a det a few days ago.

So you would bring back someone from the deads just to ask if they want to stay dead ?
If they did they would have just dc or used the “do not revive” option.
He was already dead for like 20 minutes before he was borged.

If i remember correctly, if the captain allows it, it can be done without the prisioners consent, if you authorize the execution with a trial, tho, you must follow what the prisioners wants as a punishment.

People ask prisoners for borging because not everyone is willing to serve you as a borg after getting round ended as a traitor, personally im too tired after those and if i was force borged I’d either kill myself or go cryo.

Yes, of course, but in a more IC way, the captain can authorize borging without prisioner’s consent.

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Yea but think of prisoners as players and dont immerse yourself too much, you are ruining their round and spitting at them trying to have fun.

I’m not entirely sure this report is actually actionable.

The HoS had very minor involvement in the situation and a lot of the pain here has been handled with other reports.

The above post by Rene sums up my thoughts and what I believe to be the original intent of this report.

Closed with no further action.

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