3 warn appeals - mute edition

Discord ID: dosen#1421

Admin Discord ID:

Ban Type:
warn, warn, warn = mute
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
today, like an hour ago
Ban Reason:
1 point warning 809031352795398204 issued by Crossedfall#1001 for Rule 2 violation - Using ‘autist’ as an insult
1 point warning 821075988573061120 issued by ike709#8770 for don’t ping
1 point warning 822931338365370368 issued by Archanial#9048 for no crasher videos

Appeal Reason:
1.atleast one admin and other users told me the warn for calling people autistic is pointless
2.it’s a warn over a ping - as far as I know there aren’t rules against it
3.it did NOT crash for me no matter what I tried – I thought it was a joke video
Additional Information:
pls :********

I’ll lift this. It seems like it was a genuine mistake since it doesn’t crash the discord for everyone and it didn’t do that for you.

Crossed is currently on his vacation so we will need to wait for him with this one.

Third warning was given by @ike709

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chuck sneed chuck chuck (bump)

as someone who has been banned from the discord before, take my advice when I tell you:
You need to learn to stop toeing that line.

You got unmuted for the video and shortly after you pinged ike for something about some raisins earning the mute right back.

… Why?
You have two warnings for pinging Ike.

i did it for the vine


Player failed to respond after 2 weeks, closing.

You are free to make another appeal.