2nd Best Species Poll

There’s a lot of polls, so here’s another.

What is the SECOND best roundstart species?

  • Humans
  • Lizardpeople
  • Felinids
  • Plasmamen
  • Mothpeople
  • Ethereals
  • IPCs
  • Apids
  • Oozelings

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They are all equally terrible.


where Grod


im glad we all came to the same conclusion that apids are the best species, seeing that it’s on last place at second :slight_smile:

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Plasmamen are pretty objectively the worst race, but they get some cool ass helmets and uniforms I have to say. Plus I respect them the most

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IPC :face_vomiting:

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what was the voted the best species?



Then in what way are they the worst if they have good sprites and you respect them?

He means by vulnerability and that half the medbay would rather cryo than operate on a plasmadude

So they’d better be said to be weakest, not worst. Unless somebodies only concern is power-stats.

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