2 ping warning appeal

Discord ID: Taylor#0991

Admin Discord ID: Can’t check who did it because i’m in the shadow realm, assuming one is from ike

Ban Type: warn

Ban Length: forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): first was on 05/12/2021 and second was 06/13/2021

Ban Reason: Pinged Ike… twice.

Appeal Reason: It’s been a while, lesson has been learnt. Won’t be doing it again

Additional Information: Im a good boy now I swear

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You got two warnings for harassing Ike? So, you didn’t learn your lesson the first time and just kept doing it? Why would we remove those?

Not only that, but, you’re making this appeal immediately after trying to cause trouble in general and earning your third warning (and subsequent mute). I think that runs counter to your claim of being better now, don’t you think?

The lesson was learnt after the second one, it wasn’t funny and was lame as shit looking back. Admittedly, recent warn is poor and I don’t have much for defending it. It’s enough for it to not happen again, made some friends here and I don’t really want to lose that because of a mute for dumb jokes. I honestly think the mentor demote was enough punishment wise myself but in all fairness I’m a bit biased

Given how recently you were warned I’m going to put a timed lock on this thread. Even if we grant your appeal, I don’t think it should be done immediately after you earned your third strike. Once the timer expires, this post will be unlocked and we can consider this further.


This topic was automatically opened after 6 days.

Crossed, how likely are you to unmute me on the basis of Christmas cheer and joy?


In the spirit of after-Crimbo, I am bumping this thread


He is kind of a dead weight to salt mines, could you kindly remove him out of my residence? Bumping for my wish to come true.

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i’m licking all the salt off of the walls

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You must act, in order to survive. I am a dwarf and i diggy a hole, diggy diggy hole, digging a hole :salt: :hole: :pick: :man_bald:

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stop peanuting all over my appeal smh

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Been thinking on this for a bit. I can’t say I really like that your general instincts seem to push you to cause trouble more than most; especially in Discord. But, I don’t think it’d be consistent of me to deny you of any further chances to improve. So, I am willing to combine your prior two warnings into a single warning and let you back in. This would mean that any future warnings would result in another mute and you would have a much harder time appealing that.

For both our sakes, please be good.