2 new rules

First: some people pretent that they are newbie and need help with the game while they are actually antag and when your busy helping them they kill you. This is a real dick and OOC move. Make a rule for this (not all help requests. Like when someone asks you that they are doing their job but it doesn’t work right and ask for your help. This one is way more realistic)

Second:some HoP (or anyone with access) name themselves like antags (sithlord ,head of death,etc) while this is not a problem for most players, newbies may be having problem with this and actually robust and space some dude because he looked like an antag. This should be controlled on LRP server where there are more newbies.

i think ur suggestion is retarded and so are u

The first one is called the art of deception.

It’s a tactic. Literally.

Second one is called walking around in a darth vader cosplay but the kids think its real so they try and stab you with their sharpened candy cane they forced their parent to buy last week.

The first one can be called an art if it makes sense. when someone comes and asks you how this job works and then he backstabs you, that makes sense. But in real life no one asks you how the game interface works so he can kill you easily

If they trick you just to kill you, and you aren’t their target, they’re being a dick. Yes.

But antags.

If people use ooc lingo to make you think they’re new, dick move.

But if another engineer asks you to set up the supermatter and he shoves you into it, that’s basic antag strats and fine.

how the fuck can a newbie space a guy that knows how to set job to custom?