1glitchycent mentor application

Your CKEY: 1glitchycent

Your Discord: 1GlitchyCent#1762

How long have you been playing ss13?:
Around 9 months since February
Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: MarkSuckerberg ConradTheBad
Game Experience (More Detailed): I have good to great experience in most departments. I have a large amount of experience in chemistryn space exploration and engineering. I have a bit less of experience in virology and toxins as well as none in cooking.

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+1 one round I watched them go to toxins set the entire place on fire on accident get cloned then go back to toxins and gets set on fire again
But in all seriousness from what i saw they know their way around xenobiology and most science groups
I might end up sounding rude and getting this completely wrong but I believe I’ve seen them in medical and they know their way around medical
Edit:I gotta stop pressing submit on accident

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Bro,it wasn’t toxins bro, it was the test chamber bro I was testing hellfoam

+0 for now and a bump. I if you can get those references to post in here with an honest assessment I’d be happy to move it up (or down) one.

It’s already dead, I’m just burying it.

Same as the other app.

Gotcha. We’ll need closure on this one. No movement other than my own postings in almost 3 months. The player hasn’t had a connection to either server in over 2 weeks.

i endorse
havent seen him in a while but
when he was on he was pretty epic

There really isn’t enough support here, sorry. Feel free to apply again once you have gathered more.