17d ban for following orders

CKEY: bruceu

Admin’s CKEY: ruediger4

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: 17days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-11-13 14:56

Round ID: 9048

Ban Reason: As a Sentience Potion Gondola, gained a ‘cult’ following, which he used to command captain and a handful of crewmembers to kill different crewmembers for invalid reasons, despite being a IMMORTAL GONDOLA.

Appeal Reason: I do not think 17d is ok for what I have done, althought yes I might deserve a ban, even if the captain created me as a Gondola and told the crew I was to be protected, going to the point of asking me who to kill, since some crewmembers like two chemists and some greytides attacked me and other members of the crew without aperant reason. I had no clue if I was imortal, and even if I did I was merely following the Captain’s orders calling out exectutions of the ones he marked as valid. In adition I never directly attacked or harmed anyone, not saying that it was or wasn’t my cult’s fault, but it surely was not me who had the decision to kill those players.

Additional Information: The admin ruediger4 perma banned me and then changed it to 17d after I told him of his mistake, I don’t know if this counts as admin-fuck up but I would never reject an antagtoken.

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why was he banned for this? he, as a gondola, can do no damage other than by convincing others to do his bidding. Im very confused as to why HE Was blamed for it, rather than the people who actually did the thing.

Unless he dragged people over spess tiles

i never harmed anyone every single actual action that i had in that round were: ; Ok i ma suicide. *suicide , then i voted yes to become the gondola and basicly did *point , *spin and *flip , also i dragged a book about monkeys, never harmed anyone

I mean you began to point at people (I was the captain here and I won’t be appealing my ban cuz I know I screwed up big fucking time and theres no way to even defend my actions) and I directly asked you, “do you want me to kill them?” and since you couldn’t reply as Gondola I then said “hug me if the answer is yes,” and then you did multiple times, in honesty I am an acoustic retard who got way to obsessive about a gondola (I was really happy to have a pet gondola) (before he was sentient I dragged him around the station, protected him in the ai core, generally did whatever I could to protect him because Ruedieger granted a wish I had been asking for in several rounds and so my only defence is I really loved the gondola and was basically treating it as god when it became sentient I only harmed people you wanted me to harm so I think were both at least guilty, you cant do a Charles Manson and get away without being charged with murder or some crime

I was just following orders chief, you said them who attack the Gondola are valid to death and I only pointed at whom attacked me.

I mean I didn’t say that on the first murder of the chemist, that was all you my dude with the pointing, and I was more referring to your death being gibbed, plus I only saw the last 2 people attack you I only killed the first guy on your orders alone (since you could still die to gibbing and I was worried about the chef or the rd killing you with there gibbers)

yea he was trying to kill me and the mime for no reason as i stated, and i actually managed to get killed by the magic carp and those guys at the end were a girl with the secway beating me up and a greytide with a weldertank that jihaded the comand area in the shuttle which is if i aint mistaking its selfantag, that leads to validation so realy who was at fault? Those that attacked another one for no reason what so ever? Or those who actually killed them to prevent further human harm?

yeah that magikarp had death bolt, which I believe can literally one shot anything and since magikarps arent a usual occurrence I only knew that you could at the time die to being gibbed as Ruedieger told me thats the only way you could die, which is then what I stated over comms several times (I cant reply more so Im going to be editting but gondolas arent immortal he made you immortal because you were my pet which is why i obsessed over you)
*I love gondolas because they are just so peaceful, you can’t attack anyone and most won’t attack you, plus when I died during halloween in a pretty shitty way Ruedieger made me a gondola with magic powers which was honestly one of the greatest rounds I have ever had on this station
**yeah I love Gondolas and golems, I love rping the roles that I enjoy, its a great benefit of Byond and stations like this and its one of the reasons I probably got carried away when you started giving out the orders, though I hate medium rp because they try to stop you from doing really simple things, such as the time I got permabanned from head roles on paradise station simply for making a yo mom joke on comms in a round when nothing was happening and we were on green alert
***yeah Beestation is honestly much better then most servers ive gone on because its updated, there are admeme rounds and I dont feel like Ill get banned for walking down the hallway, I know I got banned for a pretty damm good reason and I’d rather not go about trying to argue otherwise to Ruedieger or another admin
****gondolas and golems are unique because there a role where you start off with nothing and sometimes with a weakness and having to deal with those weaknesses that aren’t game breaking can be rather enjoyable for me,
*****I prefer trying to demand Golem rights be equal to humans because they are honestly the most detailed and thought out species out of all of the other races that you can usually choose from, some golems have an obvious weakness such as a glass golem and some have a strength that can be a weakness such as Uranium golem

i didnt even know that Gondolas were imortal to that point Rue should spawn them more often
why do you love gondolas so much tho?
Thats Elite Rp shit my boy only pet that i respect in the station is ian because i was a full time HoP in TG
lol paradise is shit but i see what you mean rp is an important aspect of the game although Gondolas are not all-alike since i could very much be a Syndicate Gondola Operative and you a Pacifist Gondola, ,
yea i already got a 30d ban in bee which i think was fair and i do very much so enjoy the adminbus but when rue summons meaty ores thats just ruinned
Golems are op as fuck you can kill someone with your fists while the otherone has a robust item on their hands , , , Golem Fists>Anything that isnt ranged.

Aight, many stuff to pick.

I’ll admit the only event I would actually summon would be Ion Laws because it’s fun to watch AI’s talk about how there are 20 naked Lawyers under Captain’s hat that cause human harm. The last admin to actually ruin a round by fucking spamming meteor storms was Kain, who spawned 2-3 catastrophic/meaty meteor storms and got slapped by that after every admin called it out.

They aren’t, I gave @TheOnePotatoKing’s gondola godmode since I didn’t expect him to actually make it sentient later. Just a pet gondola like he asked.

I really did not know if deathbolts actually can kill people in godmode. I had assume not.

This is the part which icks me.

Captain or HOS or anyone on the station can not deem a player valid. And attacking/killing gondolas does not make you valid either.

@BruceU said on the ahelp (before slappin a ban since you stopped answering due to me not knowin ya went to get dinner) that “anyone that attacks gondolas are valid”.
That’s a direct quotation from what you said on the ticket. Whether you meant Captain telling you that whoever attacks you is valid, an admin actually telling you that, or you reading it on the forums or the internet and believing it, is irrelevant because the rules exist for a reason.

You were valid to be killed since you were a simplemob, yet it was nigh impossible.

No antag tokens for that.

I’ll let other admins comment on this. The length (17 days, lifted on the 30th of November) was mostly due to how I’ve dealt with you previously (I still remember you making a pAI in a mule bot roll over people you shoved and you literally admitted on doing it out of boredom) and you generally lacking any sense of “Well shit this was bad”.

You didn’t directly kill them, but you did lead Captain around and made him slap invalid ass.

if you manage to convince the crew to kill people as a fucking gondola, who can only drag items and nuzzle, you deserve a medal, not a ban. The one at fault here was the captain

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Captain should have gotten the slap imo. Gondola just pointed. Hearsay doesn’t make people valid.

Cap got the slap doe.

in my opinion, gondolas (and cluwnes) should act as antagonistic and dickish as possible with their limited resources, as they arent hard to kill and really cant do shit. Seeing a cluwne slipping people and dragging them over a plasmaman corpse to set them on fire and kill them is gloriously funny


I said I was following orders what don’t you get? He asked me who to kill I simply told him, and if i am not mistaking if someone attacks you, that makes them valid(ex: imagine the HoS pulls out a ArmBlade infront of you in the maints and starts beating you up with it, if you are not an antag you still have the right and duty to attack and even kill him back).

In that case in particular, if the HOS pulls out a fucking armblade, he’s as valid as ever because that’s antag shit.

Did you read the escalation rules? Or the Council Ruling?

And what if some guy with a toolbox starts hitting you randomly in the hallway does that make him valid?
I was being attacked by greytides with spears, fists and fire extinguishers.

This is why i’m asking if you read the council ruling/rules themselves.

convinces people to kill other people as a fucking gondola
gets banned for it
rue are you ■■■■■■ed, if someone says to kill someone for no reason to another person and that another person does that even though the suggesting person was just suggesting with no basis and threat, do you ban only the murderer or the suggester

Btw if i am not mistaking by any chance if you get summoned by a sentient potion you are enslaved to your ‘‘creator’’, thus all my actions were in the hopes of not breaking rp and just following the ic rules, which i followed since i did everything the captain asked of me and i even took him to the kitchen when i noticed he was severely malnourished.
So who is the bad guy here? Me or someone else?