10 edmund banned by Naevi ~

10 edmund banned by Naevi
Title: 10 edmund banned by Naevi

CKEY: 10 edmund

Admin’s CKEY: Naevi

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both.

Which server did the ban happen on? Medium RP.

Ban Type: Global Game Ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 03-02-2021

Round ID: 27537

Ban Reason: Attacked another crew with fire axe for seemingly no reason. 103 hours, previous notes and bans for similar behavior Disconnected before ahelp. You may appeal on the ban forum if you think this is a mistake.

Appeal Reason: I’m not sure exactly what had happened at this point in time, but by the looks of it I broke rules number 2 and 4. I have an old forum posted with a long winded explanation. In this explanation I feel as if I made a justified decision. I see now that I just claimed myself as security and killed a guy, when that’s not what an atmospheric tech should do. I could’ve called security or at least brought the guy to med bay and maybe get an explanation out of him. I would like two things, one, to apologize for letting things get crazy, and two, to reassure the community that it will not happen again. I have read the rules over thoroughly and have a good understanding of the fun environment everyone is trying to share! Thank you for your time!

Permanent bans may not be appealed until at least a year has passed from the ban date unless it mentions explaining on the forums or some sort of mistake occurred on the banning admin’s part.

Neither of these are the case with this ban and I pulled the logs when you appealed last time. Come back next March with a vouch.