000xLynch player report

In-game report:

   CKEY: VictorPride

   Your Discord: VictorPride

   Offender’s CKEY: 000xLynch

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Lynch Alucard

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-13-2020 (just use DD/MM/YY you heathens)

   Round Number: 11407

   Rules Broken: 3, 4 and 8

   Incident Description: 

First used an EMP grenade on the HOPline to get into the room by crowbarring open the windoor, then attacked the HOP and killed Ian. I helped the HOP detain the obvious powergamer already wearing a cakehat, sunglasses and security gas mask. Later I come back to speak with the HOP about the SM and Lynch is already in the bridge wearing armour, has a gun and a fire axe. He started shooting at the HOP before fleeing. A while after that I hear on comms that Lynch has robbed the HOP of his ID.

At this point it’s very clear to me he’s an antag, so I catch him in medbay getting treated for rads and cuff him. The CMO Surgeon McSurgeonface prevents me from doing so saying “him and the HOP had a talk and they’re cool now”. At this point the HOP is completely missing and no-one has seen him since, a fact which continues until the round ends. So I figure the only logical explanation is changelings - either Lynch impersonated the HOP so make the CMO think everything is cool despite Lynch attacking him thrice, or the CMO is a changeling who is covering for Lynch.

I was going to leave it at that but on the shuttle I saw him put the HOS gun into his bag. This even more screams to me that he’s an antag, so I ask the CMO to give me one good reason why Lynch should have a high-risk item like that. The CMO keeps saying the HOP and Lynch are cool (despite the HOP still being missing) and Lynch says something like you should trust me. At this point I attack Lynch and crit him, and the CMO and security break up the fight and stun us.

Round ends shortly after that and lo and behold he’s not even an antag, just a grade A shitter on MRP. This is precisely the type of person who shouldn’t be on MRP as they break all the rules yet they don’t play LRP because they’re unrobust.

   Additional Information:

Rule 3 - only thing they roleplayed as was a self-antagging powergamer.
Rule 4 - attacked the HOP on at least three occasions, including EMPing their office and robbing them of their ID.
Rule 8 - powergamed to get AA, CE hardsuit, captain’s headset, HOS gun and probably more I’m unaware of. One of these is even a traitor objective that would get you banned on LRP let alone MRP.


Actually the whole round, I was speaking to AI because an engineer had broken into Captain’s office to steal stuff, so I followed suit and stalked him.

The AI had given me full support - we did not have a Captain, to help safekeep and remove Captain’s locker from office to put int armory.

Later on when Captain arrived, the misunderstanding was cleared up, but VictorPride refused to listen to the AI and Captain and HOP.

Also, I do not appreciate the personal jab at my “robustness”, as I play MRP to role play, enjoy my roles as CE and such by building SMs, etc. I’m done with LRP action for the most part and enjoy the more slower paced MRP. If you believe you have a personal problem with me, I understand, but what I did was with consent of the IC authority (HOP and AI, etc) and you had no idea it was happening because you couldn’t hear my comms. There’s no reason to make this report.

The HOP is the acting Captain, not some assistant who has had no background check. You attacked the HOP near roundstart which I notice you conveniently haven’t explained, nor the second and third times as well.

AI and Captain said nothing to back up your story, and like I said the HOP was missing so your explanation makes no sense.

You roleplayed as a validhunter when you’re not security. I’ve seen you on multiple rounds powergaming but generally ignored it because it didn’t lead to self-antag. There is definitely reason to report it, because again, YOU’RE JUST AN ASSISTANT. It’s a roleplay server, learn the rules.