000xLynch Player Report but verified

In-game report:

   Title: 000xLynch Player Report
   CKEY: Tergius

   Your Discord: ThatRandomGuy#8358

   Offender’s CKEY: 000xLynch

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Lynch Alucard

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): Began 2/18/20, ended 2/19/20 EST

   Round Number: 12665

   Rules Broken: 7

   Incident Description: Maxcapped escape shuttle as a traitor without hijack or martyr objectives. While already having completed their other objectives, those being to steal the cap's jetpack and 33 research nodes.

   Additional Information: Tried to justify it with apparently needing to kill the command staff for threatening to kill him over comms. When command staff was in the shuttle. While Lynch was in an escape pod. Only reason I'm making this is because the only admin on was a trial admin and couldn't get the auth. Need a fullmin to deal with this.

Just posting to say everything in this report is verified by me. I just couldn’t get the Auth to go through with it at the time.

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My boi finally learned to blow up

What’s deal, he was antag and decided to kill some fools?

Wasn’t hijack objective, not allowed on MRP.
He did it though, used a signaler to detonate it remotely and everything.

idk doe isn’t max caps a part of science way of mass murdering people which would fall under the ruling?
unless he wasn’t a scientist in which case big funny

Didn’t think of that

But my {banned word} did it
My nig…this post has been hidden by community click here to find out why

[2020-02-19 03:27:41.910] 000xlynch \ Lynch Alucard \ Assistant \ traitor \ ROUNDSTART

Why got to set my boi up like that bro

He’s now been permanently MRP banned until appeal anyway, which I did get auth for today so I’m closing this since it doesn’t serve a purpose anyway.